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Wagan Tech Wireless Rear Back Up Sensors

Model: Wagan Tech 2455

Price: $350.00

Model 2455

Wagan Tech back-up sensors offer improved safety when driving a wheelchair van. These sensors let drivers know when a person, vehicle or other object enters the rear path of the handicap van.

When the sensors detect an obstruction, an audible tone alerts the driver. We install the sensors without compromising the vehicle's structural integrity. Sadly, these sensors do not function with metal bumpers, as metal affects the sensors' operation.

Price does not include installation.

Wagan Tech Rear Back Up Sensor Features:

  • 9v to 32v operation voltage

  • Compatible with almost all cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, and CUVs

  • 4 ultrasonic sensors for precise responses

  • Color LED screen gives you both visual and audible alarms

  • Beeping alarm with volume control

  • LED will alert you if the obstruction is on the left or right

  • No wires needed to connect the LED display to the rear sensor

  • Waterproof control box

Contact an AMS Vans mobility consultant to get started on installing your Wagan Tech Reverse Sensor Driving Aid or for answers to any questions.

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