Bruno Chariot Platform Lift with Wheels Model ASL-700

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Bruno Chariot Exterior Platform Lift w/ Wheels, Model ASL-700

Model: Bruno ASL-700

Price: $3,950.00

Scooter, Power Chair, or Wheelchair Exterior Platform Lift Trailer

Model ASL-700 The Chariot by Bruno is one of the company's most innovative and groundbreaking pieces of mobility equipment. Known as a “lift on wheels,” the Chariot is a unique and relatively compact rear attachment for almost any small, mid-size, or large car to store your unoccupied scooter, power chair, or wheelchair. You simply drive your accessibility device (weighing up to 350 lbs.) onto the lift, then step off, and press a button. The Bruno Chariot does the lifting for you! Self-tensioning, retractable belts are included to help secure your chair. The Chariot Lift from Bruno has several advantages that will likely reduce or even eliminate many mobility transportation concerns. Price does not include installation.

Safety Features

  • Swiveling wheels allow it to follow your vehicle in either forward or reverse

  • Independent suspension for better response to the ground surface

  • Easy attachment to your car’s frame-mounted Class I or Class II trailer hitch so as to prevent jackknifing

  • Laboratory-tested by a third party on a variety of road conditions and in a variety of operating situations

  • Manual back-up system in case of battery failure

  • Self-leveling platform

Usability Features

  • The Bruno Chariot Lift can be easily folded away using one hand

  • For most hatchback vehicles, the hatch can be accessed simply by lowering the platform

  • With purchase of your Bruno Chariot comes a standard lighting package, with an illuminated license plate holder as well as brake and other necessary lights

  • Fits in almost any garage, even still attached to your car

  • Can be reinstalled on another vehicle

Optional Features

  • Spare Bruno Chariot tire

  • Corner markers

  • Bruno Pow'rPac battery for self-powered lifting (standard installation of the Bruno Chariot works with your car's battery)

Purchase of the Chariot Lift includes a three-year limited warranty. Before purchasing, be sure to confirm your vehicle's Bruno Chariot compatibility. IMPORTANT! While the Bruno Chariot Lift for power chairs, wheelchairs, and scooters is very easy to use, it is important to note that the operator must be able to perform some basic physical tasks. You or whomever might be assisting you must be able to walk the length of the vehicle that the Bruno Chariot will be attached to, and be able to stand for up to three minutes. You also must be able to drive the accessibility device onto and/or off of the platform, and then to hold down the Chariot Lift’s control button. Finally, you or your assistant must be able to lean over and secure the chair to the Bruno Chariot Lift by releasing its lever, connecting the securement hook to your mobility chair, and then re-engaging the lever. The Chariot Lift by Bruno can be used with many different types of handicap equipment.

  • Front-wheel, mid-wheel, and rear-wheel drive power chairs

  • Three- or four-wheeled scooters

  • Manual wheelchairs with seating systems

  • The Bruno Turning Automotive Seating

Installation Contact us at 800-775-8267 for complete details about the Bruno Chariot Platform Lift Trailer installation.

NOTE: This mobility equipment item must be professionally installed to fit your wheelchair van or vehicle at the AMS Vans LLC. handicap van dealership location in Atlanta, GA. Due to legal requirements, direct shipping is not available. Price does not include installation.

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