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Q'Straint Adjustable Straps for Wheelchair Securement

Model: QStraint QRT MAX

Price: $480.00

Self Retracting Wheelchair Tie Down

Model QRT MAX Trustworthy wheelchair tie-downs are critical to accessible-van safety. That’s why AMS Vans provides Q’Straint wheelchair straps. For more than a quarter-century, Q'Straint has produced the most effective, safe, and reliable retractable wheelchair passenger restraint solutions available. Solidly securing a wheelchair in a van for transportation protects your wheelchair, your passengers and you. With Q'Straint straps, you have easily adjustable wheelchair straps that exceed the dynamic test requirements of SAE J2249 and ISO 10542 Wheelchair Tie-Downs and Occupant Restraint Systems for Use in Motor Vehicles. Q'Straint wheelchair straps have a proven track record of providing safe transportation for a wide range of wheelchairs and their occupants. According to mobile chair-transportation experts, tie-downs coupled with occupant restraint and anchorage provide the best protection for both the wheelchair user and passengers. In the event of unexpected turns or a surprise impact to the van, Q'Straint straps do their job, so everyone in the van can ride with confidence, comfort and peace of mind.

Ease of Use with Self Retracting Q'Straint Wheelchair Securement

Typical, complicated tie-downs require manual tightening. Q'Straint straps make the process quick and easy, because they require just one hand, and Q'Straint straps self-tighten, retracting into a compact compartment that stores the strap. Q'Straint straps automatically lock, making the wheelchair securing process extremely efficient. They're simple to clean and store, because they have no loose straps to get tangled. For ease and safety, Q'Straint straps offer the perfect solution.

The Difference Between Normal Wheelchair Straps and Q'Straint

Though average wheelchair tie-downs provide the necessary security, they often get tangled, creating unnecessary hassle. If you want to improve wheelchair-securement speed and convenience in your vehicle, retractable straps are the way to go. If you want to increase the speed and convenience of securing a wheelchair in a handicap minivan with the AMS Vans conversion, look no further. Q'Straint is recognized worldwide for their excellent track record in safety, innovation, and reliablity. All Q'Straint systems include four (4) tie-downs. When securing a wheelchair passenger, be sure to follow the safety procedures outlined in the user manual for the Q'Straint system you purchased.

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