Wheelchair Travel and Accessible Destinations

Now that your wheels have "wheels," it's time to take your dream-come-true new or used handicap accessible minivan on the road to freedom and independence with some wheelchair travel! If you're looking for somewhere to go and something to do--for a day, a long weekend, or a vacation--we encourage you to read through our articles on wheelchair-accessible amusement parks, sports venues, theaters, museums, beaches, state parks, national parks, zoos, aquariums, fairs and festivals, kid-friendly venues, historical sites, the most wheelchair-accessible cities in the nation, entertainment and venues created specifically for wheelchair accessibility.

You'll never know how rewarding it is for all of us here at AMS Vans to play a role in changing your life for the better! Check out our latest content showcasing wheelchair accessible trips to vacation.

Alabama Wheelchair-Friendly Destinations

Visit Alabama and experience good ol' country fun! Sweet Home Alabama has many "sweet" wheelchair attractions for the whole family to enjoy!

Alaska: Wheelchair Accessibility in the Wild

There's wheelchair accessible fun throughout our 49th state, and it's no wonder their state flower is the wild forget-me-not. Your vacation to the Alaskan wild won't be forgotten anytime soon!

Arizona's Enriching, Accessible Vacations

The desert is not what you might think! Experience lush, colorful Arizona vistas as unique as its wildlife, from the wheelchair accessible options at the Grand Canyon and botanical gardens, to museums, a zoo and aquarium (even Biosphere 2!), all with some wheelchair accessibility.

Arkansas: A wheelchair Accessible Getaway in The Natural State

Arkansas has all the laid-back charm of a southern state and plenty of wheelchair accessible attractions to make your trip worthwhile!

California, Here We Come--In Our Handicap Van

Visit California for spectacular views of the coastline or enjoy the abundance of activities in the cities. The Golden State has something for everyone, including many wheelchair accessible destinations to explore!

Colorado Tour by Wheelchair

With 300 days of sunshine year 'round and great wheelchair accessible attractions, Colorado is a vacation destination you won't want to miss.

Connecticut: A Haven of Handicap Accessibility

This tiny New England state is packed with lots of cool, wheelchair accessible attractions! Let's start from the sky and work down to earth!

Delaware Destinations for Travelers with Disabilities

One of Delaware's nicknames is "Small Wonder," and when you visit, you'll see how perfectly the name fits--it's small and it's wonderful, from its pristine beaches and tax-free shopping to its historical landmarks and gardens!

Florida Handicap Accessible Vacations

How could you have anything but a good time in the "Sunshine State"?! Not only are there plenty of rays, but Florida is packed full with wheelchair accessible attractions--from beaches and tropical islands, to historical forts and theme parks!

Georgia Top Wheelchair Accessible Attractions

The state known for Southern hospitality prides itself on accommodation for all. These handicap accessible destinations are among the hottest hang-outs for wanderers on wheels in The Peach State.

Hawaii Vacations for the Adventurer with a Disability

Say "Aloha" to pristine beaches, sunny weather, laid-back lifestyle, and endless handicap accessible attractions! All six of Hawaii's islands offer a slice of paradise for the wheelchair traveler!

Idaho's Handicap Accessible Holidays

If the first thing you think of when you think of Idaho is potatoes, think again! The Gem State is definitely a gem when it comes to wheelchair accessible fun!

Illinois Wheelchair Travel

The "Corn State" (also known as "the Land of Lincoln") is home to the world's first skyscraper and the first McDonald's burger restaurant! Illinois has a cornucopia of wheelchair accessible attractions to explore--so let's take a look!

Indiana: A Winner in Wheelchair Accessible Attractions

Indiana means "land of the Indians," and though Indiana is called The Hoosier State, the meaning of "hoosier" is still debated today. Fortunately, the Hoosiers of Indiana have filled their state with awesome wheelchair accessible attractions.

Iowa: Wheelchair Accessible Fun in America's Heartland

Actor Ashton Kutcher is from Iowa, and he once famously said, "I'm from Iowa. We don't know what cool is." Not so! The Hawkeye State has plenty of cool accessible attractions for vacationers in wheelchairs, as well as family and friends who come along.

Kansas: Wheelchair Access in the Land of Oz

Kansas is so rich in history, even some of their local sheriffs have been immortalized in film and television. Those 'wild' days are long gone, but the spirit and excitement lives on in accessible Sunflower State.

Kentucky--Journeying Through the State in Your Wheelchair

We all know Kentucky for its bourbon and Derby, but what most don't know is the state is filled with fun, fascinating wheelchair accessible attractions! You'll have to visit "The Bluegrass State" to find out for yourself if the grass is really blue.

Louisiana's Most Popular Handicap Accessible Attractions

Rock star and New Orleans resident Lenny Kravitz has said Louisiana has grown into a "jewel." Head to Louisiana to experience the rich diversity of people, sites, and wheelchair accessible attractions!

Maine: Accessible Attractions in Clambake Country

Made famous by master-of-horror author Stephen King and its plump, sweet blueberries, Maine (the only U.S. state whose name has one syllable) is home to the second-most visited national park, world-famous outdoor-recreation retailer L.L. Bean, and a huge helping of wonderful wheelchair accessible attractions!

Maryland: Historic Wheelchair Accessibility

There's rich American history around every corner in Maryland, one of the original 13 colonies. The beauty of a Maryland vacation is that you're about an hour's drive from Washington, DC, which opens up another whole world of exciting attractions, though there are plenty of wheelchair accessible attractions in MD.

Massachusetts Top Ten Wheelchair Accessible Attractions

One of the original 13 colonies, Massachusetts has been a hotbed of American history. Besides its storied past, the state offers a little bit of everything--from the beaches of Cape Cod to the western Berkshire Mountains, and of course, many exhilarating wheelchair accessible attractions!

Michigan Welcomes Wheelchaired Travelers to its Pleasant Peninsulas

"If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you." Abundant culture and coastline bring vacationers, hunters, and nature enthusiasts with disabilities for fun and relaxation throughout Michigan!

Wheelchair Accessible Wonders in Marvelous Minnesota

What has 10,000 lakes and at least 10 really cool wheelchair accessible attractions? It's Minnesota--a beautiful state with plenty to do for wheelers of all ages!

Mississippi's Top Accessible Travel Destinations

The state may be known as the swamp land, but there's more than just swamps to explore in Mississippi. Check out all the wheelchair accessible attractions the state has to offer!

Missouri: Accessible Getaways in "The Gateway to the West"

The "Show Me" State would love to show you an awesome accessible vacation! Missouri has what it takes to show you a good time.

Montana's Wheelchair Accessible Majesty

By the end of your Montana vacation, you'll have a deeper understanding of Big Sky Country, why they call it that, and you'll be counting the days until you can return to the incomparably exquisite state aptly called a "treasure."

Nebraska: The Cornhusker State's Top Accessible Spots

Nebraska is as busy as their state insect, the honeybee, so let's journey to the Midwest, where we'll find the world's largest indoor rainforest at our first accessible stop in NE!

Nevada Accessible Destinations--Amazing Natural and Man-Made

Gorgeous desert locales and man-made attractions in spite of the desert put Nevada on the list of must-travel states. Famous casinos and museums, famous lakes and parks, and more, all wheelchair accessible!

New Hampshire: The Wheelchair Accessible White Mountain State

If you're a potato fan (and that's pretty much all of us!), visit New Hampshire and thank the state by spending some time there. Go. Enjoy the scenery and these accessible attractions.

New Jersey's 'Unfuggedable' Accessible Attractions

The first officially recorded baseball game in US history was played in Hoboken, and if you ever wondered where the street names came from on a Monopoly board, look no further than Atlantic City. The Garden State is full of accessible surprises!

New Mexico's Wheelchair Accessible Wonders

The Land of Enchantment has become a creative Mecca for native New Mexicans as well as artists and artisans from around the world. What is it about the state that sparks imagination and inspires art and craftsmanship in a way that only a few places on the planet can?

New York State Offers a Freewheeling Handicap Vacation

Even handicap visitors to New York may "never sleep"! The Empire State has a variety of wheelchair accessible things to do, from the city life to the suburban areas. You'll want to be a part of it!

North Carolina: Blue Skies and Big Accessible Fun

From the cloud-covered peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains to the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway to the magnificent beaches of the Outer Banks, North Carolina is a sight to behold and brimming with accessible attractions!

Oklahoma! Explore Its Accessible Vacations

Grab your cowboy hat and boots and get ready to enjoy the Wild West! Giddy on up to Oklahoma and prepare to have a great time exploring all the wheelchair accessible attractions at its museums and gardens, historical theatres and zoo, the Bluebell Ice Creamery and even the National Weather Center!

Oregon Accessibility--Get Out and See the Sights

Oregon is famous for its rain, but residents "smile while it's raining." When visiting, you can enjoy a variety of handicap accessible landscapes, from rugged mountains and lush greenery to magnificent waterfalls and lava beds!

Pennsylvania Vacationing in Your Wheelchair

Whether to see America's birthplace, get away from the norm, or to chow down on some fantastic Hershey Bars or Philly cheese steaks--Pennsylvania has something to appease your appetite with many wheelchair accessible attractions!

Rhode Island: Big on Wheelchair Accessible Fun

If good things do come in small packages, your expectation for a wonderful wheelchair accessible vacation in Rhode Island should be well-met!

Tennessee Wheelchair Travel

Get ready to rock 'n roll in the home of Music City! With a vast array of wheelchair attractions located in the southern state of Tennessee, you'll want to be the first to volunteer for a vacay in the Volunteer State!

Texas Tours and Travel by Wheelchair

You'd expect a state as big as Texas to have lots of terrific wheelchair accessible attractions to fill that wide-open landscape--and it does. Go from below sea level to outer space, all within the Lone Star State!

Utah Is Wheelchair Accessible for U!

Just imagine U in Utah! There's someplace sublime with wheelchair access ready to greet you when you get there.

Wheelchair Accessible Vacationing in Vermont

Vermont has spectacular wheelchair accessible attractions throughout the year! Here's your guide to an enchanting, accessible Vermont vacation.

Virginia Is for Lovers—and Wheelchair Accessible Vacations

We can thank Virginia for America's first peanuts_and_the first Thanksgiving! We can also thank The Old Dominion State for a vacation full of wheelchair accessible attractions that you'll love!

Washington State Wheelchair Travel

Washington is known as the "Evergreen State" because of its natural beauty, but it has a variety of places to visit; from exciting outdoor activities to a world-famous market, you're sure to have much to do, and it's quite wheelchair accessible!

Wyoming: Wild, Wooly, Wheelchair Accessible!

Welcome to the wheelchair accessible wide-open spaces! With more livestock than people, Wyoming is the U.S. state with the lowest population, the largest coal mine, and most of Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone Park alone is worth the visit!

Hit the Road with Four-Wheeled Handicap Mobility

Wheelchair users meet challenges with handicap mobility every day, including able-bodied people who park in accessible parking spaces and simple everyday tasks like grabbing items from supermarket shelves above their reach.

Traveling with Multiple Sclerosis: Tips for Your Trips

We all need a break now and then, but if you have MS, you may think even a weekend trip is too much of a hassle. Think again! With proper planning and preparation, you may discover a getaway is just what you need!