The AMS Vans Brand of Wheelchair Vans

Choosing a handicap van from AMS Vans LLC. means you're demanding a higher standard in value and safety, along with ease of use and low prices. Discover the advantages of the AMS Vans wheelchair accessible minivan conversion, including the easy-to-understand details of our innovative mobility modification process, and learn how AMS Vans differs from other wheelchair van companies, so you can make an informed decision when shopping for the best handicap conversion van for your family or business.

Wheelchair Minivan Pricing

At AMS Vans LLC., we're confident we provide our customers with one of the safest, most reliable quality wheelchair vans at the very best value for their money. All our newly converted accessible vehicle or mobility vans that we sell are competitive in the marketplace.

The Largest Inventory of Handicap Vans in the Southeast

When you're looking for a handicap van for sale in the Southeast--you won't find a larger inventory in one location anywhere but here, at AMS Vans. We typically maintain 350-450 wheelchair vans at our facility at any given time. We have expanded across the nation with more than 3 locations.

Affordable Wheelchair Vans

It's commonly thought you get what you pay for, but at AMS Vans, we believe you should expect more for your money.

Wheelchair Van Conversions Made Simple

AMS Vans wheelchair conversion vehicles are some of the easiest conversions to operate. We have been in the mobility industry for a long time, thus we see accessible vehicles from other handicap van dealers in and out all the time which has taught us, through experience with repairing them, what is good and bad to have in a conversion.

AMS Vans: Quality Assurance You Can Count On

Our reputation is on the line every time a customer takes an AMS Vans van on the road. We passionately do our best to protect the trust placed in us by those who need wheelchair accessible transportation, because lives depend on it—and it's simply the right thing to do.

Low Maintenance

A wheelchair van engineered with a simple design means infrequent and easy maintenance. Taking care of your AMS Vans wheelchair van, especially performing recommended maintenance on your accessibility ramp, is as uncomplicated as following routine vehicle maintenance.

AMS Vans Conversion Warranty Information

AMS Vans wheelchair van conversions do not void the original warranties on the unmodified OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. Our Conversion Warranty is separate from the vehicle’s warranty.

Nationwide Wheelchair Van Service

AMS Vans' nationwide wheelchair van service works with certified mechanics to perform warranty work on any wheelchair van modified by AMS Vans.

Great Resale Value on the AMS Vans Wheelchair Van Conversion

Buying a used wheelchair van through AMS Vans LLC. optimizes the resale value of your accessible van by giving you more value at the sale.

Wheelchair Vans: Preventive Maintenance for Your AMS Vans Conversion

Now that you have life-changing accessible transportation, we have some tips to help you maintain your new wheelchair van and keep the conversion in excellent operating condition for as long as possible.

AMS Vans Buy Back Program

When you no longer want or need your AMS Vans-brand wheelchair van, we'll buy it back. It doesn't get easier than that! AMS Vans wheelchair vans are quality handicap conversions with one of the highest resale values in the market. Selling your used wheelchair van back to AMS Vans is a smart, stress-free option.

NHTSA 2010 Wheelchair Van Crash Test Standards

All wheelchair conversion vans must successfully pass front, side, and rear impacts without losing fluid from the gas tank. New standards went into effect September 2009 (for the 2010 vehicles) that required satisfactory completion of 35 mph front, 50 mph rear, and 33.5 mph side collisions.

Using AMS Vans for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Using an AMS Vans handicap accessible van for non-emergency medical transportation offers a safer and more reliable means of getting your patients to your office for routine visits.

Wheelchair Vans Delivered Overseas? Yes!

Don't be surprised if you're touring Germany or Kuwait and see one of AMS Vans' wheelchair vans navigating the roads. Anyone in the world can own an affordable AMS Vans brand handicap van, and they're tailor-made for travel, but it takes a little more than a car carrier to deliver a modified van to the other side of the world from Atlanta, GA.

The Ultimate Wheelchair Van White Glove Service

AMS Vans delivers more than just your new "wheels"--upon delivery our mobility professional takes all the time you need to become familiar with your van with our White Glove Service.