Rear Entry Wheelchair Van

The Most Affordable Wheelchair Van Conversion

The AMS Vans rear-entry wheelchair van conversion features a newly-designed floor pan system for a spacious channel from the rear door to behind the front seats. This unique design is available in short- and long-channel versions, Edge 1 and Edge II which accommodates 2 secured wheelchairs in addition to ‘middle row’ passenger seating. The mobility industry refers to the rear-entry vehicles as short or long channel conversions. 

The solid steel, 10 inch lowered floor layout situates two middle seats to be adjusted to the right or left side of the vehicle for ultimate comfort. Also, side-impact curtain airbags are fully functional and protect passengers in the event of an impact.

In this uniquely affordable wheelchair conversion option, loading and unloading of the vehicle is handled via a manual, foldable aluminum wheelchair ramp.

Also, AMS Vans is a premier reseller of Braun, Vantage Mobility, Freedom Motors and Rollx brand vehicles with a robust inventory of these wildly-popular, lowered-floor rear-entry minivans.