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AMS Vans rental rates are competitive with the local market rates and discounts are offered for weekly and monthly rentals. For pricing, please call your local AMS Vans rental office.

  • Airport pick up and drop off service is available at an additional charge in some markets – call your local AMS Vans rental office for details.

  • Truck delivery and pickup of rental vans is available nationwide at an additional charge – call the closest AMS Vans rental office for pricing.

  • Is your wheelchair van out of commission due to an accident or mechanical breakdown? AMS Vans works with most major insurance carriers and can bill your insurance company directly in many cases. Call for more information.

Handicap vans can be a major asset, and many handicapped people might consider purchasing a handicap van. Before you go out and buy a handicap van, you should consider renting a van. Renting a handicap van has three great advantages.

Lease a Wheelchair Accessible Van?

Renting long term? Try leasing with the new AMS Vans Leasing Program. You can choose from a variety of mobility vans at terms up to 60 months. The qualification process is quick and simple, including flexibility for low credit, and the convenience of getting it done over the phone!

We’ll also help you determine the value of your trade-in for down payment!

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1: Rent the van that best fits the trip

If you're not sure which van would make you happiest, then renting is a great option. When you rent a handicap van you can choose from a variety of models, including full size vans and minivans. Having access to this selection makes it easy to pick the van that best suits your trip. You can even choose between different types of equipment, so you're sure to get the van that suits your needs.

2: A cost-effective solution

Renting a vehicle is often a cost-effective solution. For example, if you are planning a large family vacation, you will probably need a large van. You likely would not need the van at any other time, so you'll save money by getting a van just for this occasion. Additionally, the disabled person may not regularly go out in a vehicle. In this case, it may be more cost-effective to only rent the vehicle you need for the trips you need. Saving money is extremely important for many families, and often renting a vehicle is the best way to save yourself and your family money.

3: Try before you buy

If you're not sure which vehicle you need, then renting is an amazing opportunity. You can test many different models. If you're not sure if you need a particular model or a particular size of vehicle, then renting is a great way to assess your needs. Once you know the exact vehicle you need, then you can purchase with confidence.

If you need a handicap van for a short-term use, or if you are not sure which model of wheelchair van and features are best for your needs, then you should strongly consider renting. Renting will save you money, and give you a great chance to test out the vehicle in common scenarios such as trips to the doctor or grocery store. Vans with wheelchair lifts are not available for renting, these are generally the full-size vehicles that support persons who access commercial versions.

Handicap Van Rental Features and Information

Learn about AMS Vans wheelchair accessible van rentals, including pick-up locations, delivery availability, rent-to-buy options, wheelchair-driver access and other information about your handicap van for rent.

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Wheelchair Accessible Van Rental F.A.Q.

You'll learn a lot about renting a wheelchair accessible van from these Frequently Asked Questions, with topics covering eligibility, deposit, credit card charges, safety, and more.

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Rates & Requirements

Rates and requirements to rent a wheelchair van.

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