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Buying a handicap accessible van is a defining moment in the life of an individual who wants manageable mobility beyond the wheelchair. We have handicap vans for sale, and we want to ensure the process—from the moment it begins—is as smooth as possible. When you purchase a wheelchair van from us, the process never truly ends, because you become part of the AMS family. Just like family, we stay in touch and care about your happiness.

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Why You Should Buy a Van from AMS Vans: Price

Why should you buy a used wheelchair van from AMS Vans?  It’s simple. We sell only what we’d put our own family in. To help ensure your new van meets your needs, we’ve assembled a team of friendly mobility professionals to guide you through the entire process, and to be there for you beyond the sale, too.

Whether shopping for a handicap van for sale on our website or in our dealership, we know you consider three main things — that customer service, the best price, and reliable value. At AMS Vans, we’re certain we meet these considerations better than anyone else, and we wrote this series to put your mind at ease.  Take a read….

AMS Vans Are Affordable

Our customers often save $10K or more. Why’s that? Because we believe high prices shouldn’t stand in the way of your mobility freedom. We eliminate the excessive dealer margin most companies add to the conversion price. Plus, we offer late-model used minivans with new conversions. That package alone is what saves most customers up to $10K on their purchase.

Buying a van from AMSVans.com is like buying a van in person, only better. If you’re shopping with us online, we offer everything you would need when buying a used wheelchair van from a dealer: We take trade-ins, we support you as you finance, and we help you choose the right vehicle for your needs. But we also go above and beyond what’s traditionally offered. You can always refuse your van upon delivery, and we’ll even support you with a post purchase plan. After all, regular dealerships don’t specialize in handicap minivans. AMS Vans does.

We know your concerns, we alleviate them. Not only do we offer a wide selection of Dodge, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda new and used handicap vans for sale, we also carry pre-owned brands like Rollx, VMI, and Braun. New AMS mobility van conversions are added daily; choose from the side entry Legend, or our rear entry models, the Edge and long channel Edge II.

Don’t just take it from us, take it from The Newman Family in Sharpsburg, Georgia. They wrote, “Just a note to tell you what an excellent experience it was doing business with your company…The van price was reasonable and the condition of the van was amazing when you finished the restoration. We will not hesitate to do business with AMS Vans again.”

Ready to Learn More?

Feeling excited about the affordable price of our vans and ready to learn more? Fantastic! Give us a call to ask any questions or begin the process of choosing a van. We’re always available at 800-775-8267.