Financing Wheelchair Vans - Fund a Handicap Van

Financing Wheelchair Vans - Fund a Handicap Van

Financial assistance for wheelchair vans is available from third-party resources through loans and other funding sources to help in buying a handicap van, other mobility equipment, or for the mobility conversion of a minivan.

AMS Vans has compiled a comprehensive list of financing resources available for people with disabilities to help pay for a wheelchair accessible van.

Wheelchair Van Loans

AMS Vans works with a large network of banks, credit unions, and finance programs to help you finance a wheelchair van with a loan. Our financial aid providers are familiar with vehicle conversions and have years of experience helping customers set up the best handicap van loans, with options such as penalty-free early payoffs, low interest rates and extended loan terms.

Mobility Rebates for New Minivans

The vehicle manufacturers AMS Vans relies on for the best results in our minivan conversion process happily offer customers with disabilities financial assistance towards the installation of adaptive equipment. Chrysler, Dodge, Volkswagen and Honda all have mobility rebate programs that give you cash toward making your new minivan wheelchair-accessible.

Wheelchair Van Fundraisers

A handicap van fundraiser is an excellent way to raise money for a van or to supplement money secured through wheelchair van loans, from your own pocket, or from other means. The wheelchair user, family and friends can host a fundraiser, or you can contact community-outreach programs, churches, or other groups of individuals-for-a-cause who might jump at the opportunity to help an individual or organization in need of a handicap van.

Other Sources of Funding for Wheelchair Vans

Other sources of financial assistance for the purchase of a wheelchair accessible van are available, like employer funding and car insurance.

If you contact a foundation that does not offer individual handicap van financing assistance, or if you know of other disability-loan finance programs, please email us so we can update our wheelchair van funding resource. Our goal is to create the largest resource for financial loans and mobility finance programs online for people who need handicap accessible vans and accessible minivan conversions.