Redding, California Wheelchair Van Delivery Information

Delivery Fees To Redding, CA

Drive & Fly $2,217.83 - $2,217.83
Truck & Trailer $2,804.62 - $2,804.62
Pickup Discount $720.00 - $720.00

We understand it can be difficult to find a dealership that sells wheelchairs vans nearby. Our Buy-from-Home opportunity lets you stay home in Redding, California while buying a handicap van from one of the top dealers in the country. Work with an expert mobility consultant who'll customize the sales experience around your availability and, once the sale is concluded, we'll bring your handicapped van direct to Redding, CA.

New and used wheelchair vans can be delivered to or picked up in person by customers in California:

  • Drive and Fly One of our mobility professionals will drive your adapted van from our lot to your front door in Redding, California
  • Truck and Trailer A mobility professional will drive a truck with your handicap van on a flatbed trailer to anywhere in the Redding, CA area!
  • Pickup Discount As an economic alternative to delivery, we invite you to visit our facility in Atlanta, GA and pick up your wheelchair van personally. Tour our facility, meet some of the people who made the sale of your adapted van possible, and explore our city before going home. Most customers who travel to us from Redding, California qualify for a pick-up discount off the price of the vehicle.

Instead of simply dropping off the keys and the vehicle with a pile of instruction manuals, we take the time to instruct you in the operation of your specific wheelchair van. We'll show you how to use everything, from adjusting the seats to turning on the windshield wipers, give you some tips for use, and answer your questions.

All wheelchair vans are guaranteed for total satisfaction at the time of delivery. If you aren't completely happy with your handicap van upon delivery, we'll take it back to our lot, rescind the sale, and send a refund of your payment with no questions asked. If you'd like to have the opinion of a mechanic, we'll meet you at any location you choose in Redding, California and wait while a check-up is performed.

Our versatile wheelchair van conversions are great for both personal and business use. These wheelchair vans function wonderfully as accessible taxis and for non-emergency medical transportation. Call 800-775-VANS (8267) to find out what we can do for you! We'll compile a list of your exact accessibility needs and identify a few handicap vans for sale that may interest you. Just tell us which one you'd like to own, and we'll handle the rest while you stay home in Redding, CA.

We've had sheer delight to bring low-cost accessible transportation to people all over the country, and we can't wait to return to Redding, CA to deliver your new or used handicapped van soon.