New Haven, Connecticut Wheelchair Van Delivery Information

Delivery Fees To New Haven, CT

Drive & Fly $1,016.99 - $1,016.99
Truck & Trailer $1,202.82 - $1,202.82
Pickup Discount $240.00 - $240.00

We're one of the first dealerships to offer a Buy-from-Home option, when you can complete the sale and have one of our high quality wheelchair vans delivered right to your driveway in New Haven, CT. Using the phone and Internet, you will work one-on-one with a mobility consultant to choose the perfect handicap van to suit your needs, and then, have it delivered anywhere in the New Haven, Connecticut area, including Milford, Waterbury, and Meriden. Our prompt delivery service gets you on the road quickly, doing those day-to-day errands in a versatile wheelchair van from AMS Vans!

Our online sales lot has hundreds of new and used handicap vans for sale that can be either delivered or picked up:

  • Drive and Fly A delivery associate from AMS Vans will personally drive your wheelchair van from our headquarters to your home or office in New Haven, Connecticut, and then, fly back.
  • Truck and Trailer To avoid additional mileage on your handicap van during delivery or pick-up, customers have the option to have the van hauled from our lot to anywhere in the New Haven, CT area via truck by a mobility professional from AMS Vans.
  • Pickup Discount Come to us and drive your wheelchair van home yourself! There is no better way to get to know your van than to begin with a road trip. We are located in Atlanta, GA, which is accessible via plane, train, or bus. In addition to not paying delivery fees, customers from New Haven, CT who pick up their vans receive a pick-up discount on the price of the van in most cases.

We offer "White Glove Service" as part of every delivery and pick-up free of charge! This signature service places you one-on-one with a mobility professional who will answer all your questions and demonstrate all the factory-installed and adaptive features of your van. We won't leave until you are confident operating all the components of your van yourself!

Your satisfaction is our goal! At the time of delivery, if you feel you have not received the van that was represented on our website, let our delivery associate know. We will even deliver your wheelchair van to a mechanic of your choice in the New Haven or Milford, CT area for a third-party assessment. We will stay with you and the van until the inspection has been completed and your satisfaction is ensured. If, for any reason, you decide against purchasing the wheelchair van delivered, tell the mobility professional at that time. We will return the van, void the sale, and process a refund!

Our streamlined wheelchair van conversions make our vans affordable without compromising quality or safety. For added precaution and stability on the road, we leave the driver's side rocker panel completely intact, giving the frame more strength than conventional conversions. We have also negated the need for expensive kneeling systems by extending the wheelchair ramp. This saves our customers thousands of dollars right off the top!

Contact us at 800-775-VANS (8267) and speak with one of our mobility consultants Monday through Friday during normal EST business hours. We will work with you to decide on the right type and style of wheelchair van for your life. We will then apply that criteria to find the best matches from our inventory to point out to you. All you will have to do is decide which one you want to buy!

It's a good chance you have seen a wheelchair van on the road in the New Haven, Connecticut area that was delivered right to the owner's driveway by AMS Vans