Bangor, Maine Wheelchair Van Delivery Information

Delivery Fees To Bangor, ME

Drive & Fly $1,336.62 - $1,336.62
Truck & Trailer $1,551.20 - $1,551.20
Pickup Discount $360.00 - $360.00

When you purchase one of our wheelchair vans using our buy-from-home program, you'll start by visiting our online showroom from your home in Bangor, Maine! When working closely with a mobility consultant who will personalize the entire sales experience around your daily schedule, you can own a handicap van from one of the top dealers in the country. Once the finishing touches have been put on the sale, we can deliver it right to your front door in Bangor, ME.

Get delivery to Maine by any of the means below:

  • Drive and Fly A mobility professional will personally drive your wheelchair van to anywhere in the Bangor, Maine area, and then, fly home.
  • Truck and Trailer Rather than have your handicap van driven almost 1,400 miles, choose to have our mobility professional drive a truck and haul your handicapped van on a trailer instead. We can bring your adapted van to anywhere in Bangor, ME, or nationwide.
  • Pickup Discount Save money on delivery by paying us a visit in Atlanta, GA to pick up your adapted van in person, and take a tour of our beautiful city in your wheelchair van before you leave! Often, customers traveling from Bangor, Maine qualify for a pick-up discount on the purchase price, just for getting their own vehicles home.
  • Because our new and used wheelchair vans work just a little differently from regular minivans, we provide our signature "White Glove Service" that will allow you to get to know your handicap van before you drive it. Our mobility professional shows you how to operate all the factory and adaptive equipment on your specific van, gives you some safety guidelines, and answers any questions you have before we leave the keys.

    All our wheelchair vans are accurately represented on our website, and we stand completely behind that with our 100% satisfaction guarantee at the time of delivery. Upon delivery, if you aren't completely happy with your purchase, tell the mobility professional. We'll bring the van back to our headquarters, end the sale, and get a refund of your payment in the mail. Before making a final commitment, if you'd like the opinion of someone else, we are happy to meet you at any mechanic in Bangor, Maine and wait while they do a check-up.

    Our customers routinely save ten thousand dollars or more when they buy one of our high-quality wheelchair van conversions. We back all newly modified conversions by AMS with our low price guarantee to assure you that you're getting the most for your money.

    It's a dream come true for us to bring so many people across the country affordable accessible transportation, and we look forward to coming to Bangor, ME soon to deliver a new or used wheelchair van to your home or office.