Duluth, Minnesota Wheelchair Van Delivery Information

Delivery Fees To Duluth, MN

Drive & Fly $1,260.82 - $1,260.82
Truck & Trailer $1,372.94 - $1,372.94
Pickup Discount $300.00 - $300.00

Explore more of what life has to offer with one of our low-cost, high-quality new or used wheelchair vans. Our shop-from-home opportunity makes it easy to find and purchase a handicap van from AMS Vans on the Internet while you relax at home in Duluth, Minnesota. Our mobility consultant will personalize the sales process to fit the demands of your schedule. Once the sale is confirmed, our prompt delivery service can bring your handicap van directly to you in Duluth, Cloquet, or Proctor, MN, or any of the surrounding cities, including Superior, WI.

Once you pick out which of our handicap vans for sale you want to purchase, choose a delivery option:

  • Drive and Fly An AMS Vans mobility professional will personally drive the wheelchair van to your driveway in the Duluth, Minnesota area and drop it off before flying home.
  • Truck and Trailer Choosing to have your handicap van hauled by flatbed trailer to your home or office in Duluth, MN maximizes the potential future resale value of your vehicle by not accruing extra mileage during delivery.
  • Pickup Discount Travel by air, bus, or train to Atlanta, GA and pick up your wheelchair van at our facility. Often, customers from Duluth, MN qualify for a discount taken off the purchase price of the handicap van, just for driving it home themselves.

While our vans are easy to operate, wheelchair vans from AMS Vans have features unfamiliar to our customers, so we provide complimentary "White Glove Service" to demonstrate how your specific vehicle operates before you drive it. Our mobility professional will show you how to use all the factory-installed and adaptive features on your adapted van, give you safety guidelines, maintenance tips, and answer any questions you have.

We want you to have complete confidence in the handicap van you purchase from us, so we back every vehicle with our satisfaction guarantee upon delivery. At the time of delivery, if you feel your handicap van wasn't accurately presented to you during the sale or online, we'll return the van to our office, rescind the sale, and process a prompt refund of your payment. We'll gladly meet you at any mechanic in Duluth, Minnesota and wait while an assessment is done, if you want an independent assessment of the vehicle.

Our wheelchair vans have multiple safety features, making them some of the safest wheelchair van conversions on the road. With features like powered ramps that can be operated manually in the event of an emergency or loss of power, you feel secure knowing wheelchair passengers can safely exit the van in any situation. To provide increased stability while driving and additional protection in case of an accident, we leave the driver's side rocker panel completely intact.

Contact of one of our expert mobility consultants at 800-775-VANS (8267) to learn more about our available safety features. While on the phone, we'll offer you the opportunity to have your mobility needs determined, after which we'll suggest several vans from our inventory for your consideration. Once you pick a favorite, we'll guide you through the rest of the sales process while you stay at home in Duluth, Minnesota.

You may have already noticed a wheelchair van on the roads of Duluth, MN--one that was delivered to the owner by AMS Vans--and we can't wait to return to your neighborhood and bring your ticket to mobility freedom right to your front door.