Rochester, Minnesota Wheelchair Van Delivery Information

Delivery Fees To Rochester, MN

Drive & Fly $1,033.63 - $1,033.63
Truck & Trailer $1,227.67 - $1,227.67
Pickup Discount $300.00 - $300.00

Experience the 21st-century system for purchasing wheelchair vans in Rochester, MN through our online sales program! You'll have a personal mobility consultant who'll work with you using the Internet--it's your customized sales experience with one of the top dealers in the country, and we do it all while you stay home in Rochester, Minnesota. Once the sale is concluded, we'll bring your handicap van right to your home or office in less time than you may think.

Delivery of new and used wheelchair vans to customers in Minnesota is available several ways:

  • Drive and Fly A mobility professional will drive your handicap van personally from our lot to your front door in Rochester, MN, and then, fly home.
  • Truck and Trailer The trip to Rochester, Minnesota is more than 1,000 miles from our location. If you'd rather not accrue those miles during delivery, we can drive a truck and haul your wheelchair van on a flatbed trailer.
  • Pickup Discount The economical alternative? Come to us in Atlanta, GA to pick up your handicapped van personally. When traveling from Rochester, Minnesota, customers usually qualify for a pick-up discount that comes off the purchase price of the van.

Our mobility professional will instructs new van owners in the operation of their specific wheelchair van with every delivery and pick-up. This "White Glove Service" includes a detailed tour of safety features, demonstrations of adaptive and factory-installed equipment, and a question/answer session.

On delivery of your wheelchair van, you have the opportunity to refuse the sale. If you aren't totally satisfied at the time of delivery, we'll return the handicap van to our facility, rescind the sale, and deliver a refund of your payment. For another opinion before making a final decision, we'll meet you at the mechanic of your choice in Rochester, Minnesota and wait while they do a check-up on the handicap van.

AMS wheelchair van conversions are great fits for both personal and business use, like accessible taxis and non-emergency medical transportation. We invite you to call us at 800-775-VANS (8267) to learn more about our handicap vans. While we have you on the line, we'll compile a list of your specific accessibility needs and feature some handicap vans for sale that meet those requirements. Once you decide on one to purchase, we'll handle it from there while you stay home in Rochester, MN.

We're always thrilled at the chance to bring affordable handicap vans to people across the nation, and we can't wait to come to Rochester, Minnesota and deliver a new or used wheelchair van to your front door soon.