Missoula, Montana Wheelchair Van Delivery Information

Delivery Fees To Missoula, MT

Drive & Fly $1,880.62 - $1,880.62
Truck & Trailer $2,364.95 - $2,364.95
Pickup Discount $600.00 - $600.00

Tour our virtual showroom of high-quality wheelchair vans without ever leaving your home in Missoula, MT with our proven online dealership. Partner with one of our consultants who'll be there to educate and assist you as you shop for a handicap van, get financing, and complete all the paperwork. When we've got everything arranged, you can pick one of our delivery options to have your accessible van brought to your home or office in Missoula, Montana.

Several delivery choices are available to have one of our new or used wheelchair vans brought to you in Montana:

  • Drive and Fly One of our trained mobility professionals will drive your adapted van to your location in Missoula, MT,, and then, fly home.
  • Truck and Trailer The trip from our office to Missoula, Montana is almost 2,200 miles. Prevent additional mileage from accruing on your accessible van--have our professional haul it on a flatbed truck.
  • Pickup Discount To save money, pick up your accessible vehicle at here at AMS Vans. You're welcome to travel to our headquarters in Atlanta, GA to take possession. If you choose to come to us from Missoula, MT, you'll probably qualify for a discount off the purchase price, saving even more!

Get to know the specifics of your wheelchair van before you drive it with our signature "White Glove Service". This complimentary courtesy puts you face-to-face with a mobility professional who will show you how to operate both the accessible and factory-installed equipment on your vehicle, offer some helpful guidelines, and give you a chance to ask questions.

At the time you receive your van, we guarantee you'll be completely satisfied--or your money back. If you choose not to accept the vehicle upon delivery for any reason, we'll take the van back to our office, end the sale, and reimburse your payment. In fact, you can arrange to meet us at your mechanic in the Missoula, Montana area, and we'll wait with you while a diagnostic check is done before you make a final decision.

Wheelchair vans from AMS Vans can be life-changing for families, as well as businesses that offer accessible taxis and non-emergency medical transportation. You can also tailor our wheelchair van conversions to suit your specific needs by having optional accessories like electronic wheelchair lock-down systems or jump seats installed by us before delivery.

Speak with a consultant at 800-775-VANS (8267) to get more information about our conversions, our exemplary shop-from-home plan, and our incomparable customer care. When we've determined your specific requirements, we'll search our vast inventory of handicap vans for sale and choose several for your consideration. When you pick out a favorite, we'll take care of the entire process while you stay home in Missoula, Montana.

and we hope to deliver a new or used wheelchair van to your front door in Missoula, MT soon.