Medford, Oregon Wheelchair Van Delivery Information

Delivery Fees To Medford, OR

Drive & Fly $2,235.88 - $2,235.88
Truck & Trailer $2,831.60 - $2,831.60
Pickup Discount $780.00 - $780.00

As a secure and simple option to buying wheelchair vans in person, the AMS Vans online sales opportunity allows you to tend to daily obligations in Medford, Oregon throughout the process. By working in tandem with a mobility consultant, you'll be able to keep in contact using the convenience of the Internet and phone through the entire sales experience. Once the sale is set up, we can deliver your handicap van right to your front door in Medford, OR.

Delivery of new and used wheelchair vans is available to customers in Oregon by several means:

  • Drive & Fly: An AMS Vans mobility professional will personally drive your van from our headquarters to your front door in Medford, Oregon, and then, fly back.
  • Truck & Trailer: Rather than accrue mileage from a cross-country trip, we can haul your wheelchair van on a trailer to anywhere in the Medford, OR area.
  • Customer PickUp: Visit our office in Atlanta, GA to pick up your handicapped van. Atlanta has a major airport, as well as train and bus stations, making travel convenient. Customers who come to us from Medford, OR to drive home their adapted van normally qualify for a pick-up discount that comes off the vehicles purchase price.

Handicap vans tend to operate just a little different from typical minivans so, as part of every delivery and pick-up, we provide our free "White Glove Service'. Our mobility professional will show you how to use all the features on your wheelchair van from the stereo to the wheelchair ramp, give safety guidelines, and answer any questions you have to help you become accustomed to your specific vehicle.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your handicap van upon delivery. If you think your adapted van wasn't accurately portrayed during the sale or online, tell the mobility professional when we deliver the keys. With no aggressive sales tactics, we'll take the wheelchair van back to our headquarters, stop the sale, and promptly mail you a refund. For another opinion, we can meet you at a mechanic in Medford, Oregon and wait while an inspection is done.

Wheelchair van conversions and ramps by AMS are backed by great warranties that speak to their quality. Since our conversion process leaves the driver's side rocker panels intact, any manufacturer's warranty on the handicap van itself stays valid. Call a mobility consultant at 800-775-VANS (8267) to learn more about the details of our warranties. We'll also create a list of your accessibility needs and identify several handicapped vans for sale in our inventory that may interest you. Just choose which one you'd like to purchase, and we'll do the rest while you stay home in Medford, Oregon.

We are truly grateful that we've had the chance to bring customers all over the United States affordable accessible transportation, and we look forward to returning to Medford, OR to deliver a new or used wheelchair van to your front door.