Beaumont, Texas Wheelchair Van Delivery Information

Delivery Fees To Beaumont, TX

Drive & Fly $919.47 - $919.47
Truck & Trailer $992.06 - $992.06
Pickup Discount $180.00 - $180.00

Obtaining accessible transportation can be a carefree experience when you buy one of our high-quality, easy-to-use wheelchair vans. By purchasing a handicap van through our Buy-from-Home program, you can stay at home in Beaumont, TX and work with a mobility consultant in our office to complete the sales process. Once the sale is finalized, we can bring your wheelchair van to anywhere in the Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas area you wish.

Browse our extensive inventory of new and used wheelchair vans and then, choose your delivery option:

  • Truck and Trailer Arrange for a mobility professional from AMS Vans to haul your wheelchair van on a trailer from our office to anywhere in the Beaumont, Texas area. Hauling your van rather than driving it protects the potential resale value by keeping mileage off your odometer.
  • Pickup Discount By coming to our office in Atlanta, GA to pick up your handicap van and then, drive it home yourself, you'll save on delivery fees. In most cases, customers who come to us from Beaumont, TX are eligible for a pick-up discount that comes off the purchase price of the handicap van.

Take an in-depth tour of your wheelchair van with a mobility professional during our complimentary "White Glove Service" at delivery. This signature service includes a one-on-one tutorial of all the factory and adaptive equipment on your handicap van, important safety tips, and all your questions answered.

Your handicap van is completely guaranteed when it's delivered. If you are not 100% satisfied at the time of delivery, we will return the van to our office, nullify the sale, and draft a refund to send you.  If you would like a second opinion, we are happy to meet you at any mechanic in the Beaumont, TX area and wait while an inspection is performed.

AMS Vans has all kinds of handicap vans for sale, including side and rear entry, new with new wheelchair van conversions, used with new conversions, and used with used conversions. We also sell used handicap vans from other major manufacturers and other types of accessible vehicles, like full-size vans, cars, trucks, and lift vans. Contact a mobility professional at 800-775-VANS during normal EST business hours Monday - Friday for more information. We will help you make a list of what you need from a wheelchair van and research our inventory for the best vehicle matches. After you pick your favorite, you'll be able to complete the entire sales process from the comfort of your home in Beaumont, Texas with the assistance of our mobility consultants.

We've probably already delivered one of our high-quality, low-cost wheelchair vans to someone in Beaumont, TX, and we are excited at the opportunity to return with one for you in tow!