Seattle, Washington Wheelchair Van Delivery Information

Delivery Fees To Seattle, WA

Drive & Fly $2,248.53 - $2,248.53
Truck & Trailer $2,850.50 - $2,850.50
Pickup Discount $780.00 - $780.00

You can own one of AMS Vans' quality wheelchair vans through our popular buy-from-home sales process. One of our mobility consultants will work with you via phone and Internet throughout the process while you relax at home in Seattle, Washington. After determining your specific needs, our mobility consultant will research our inventory of new and used wheelchair vans to find those that meet your specifications. Once you choose the perfect van, AMS Vans will deliver the van to anywhere in Seattle, WA including cities like Tacoma, Bellevue, Everett, Lynnwood, Sumner, and Woodinville, Washington.

Our customers have three delivery options:

  • Drive and Fly Mobility professionals are available to drive your van from our headquarters to your home or office in the Seattle, WA area or surrounding cities such as Tacoma, Bellevue, Everett, Lynwood, Sumner, and Woodinville, WA.
  • Truck and Trailer Have your van hauled via trailer to the Seattle, Washington area to save almost 3,000 miles on the odometer of your van. A mobility professional will drive a truck with your wheelchair van on a trailer to your home or office.
  • Pickup Discount Forgo delivery and travel to our facility in Atlanta, GA to pick up the van. Atlanta is a major travel destination with a major airport, train and bus stations, making any method of travel convenient. As added incentive, customers choosing to travel from Seattle, WA to pick up their wheelchair van will receive a pick-up discount on the purchase price.

Included with delivery and pick-up is our signature "White Glove Service". A mobility professional will take the time to go over your van, top to bottom, with you. We will demonstrate how to operate the wheelchair ramp, adjust the seats, and control the passenger door. You can begin to drive your new AMS wheelchair van without guesswork.

Complete satisfaction is guaranteed with delivery of your wheelchair van. If you have a change of heart at the time of delivery for any reason, just tell the mobility professional who delivers the van. With no uncomfortable questions or high-pressure sales tactics, we will return the van to our inventory, cancel the sale, and process a refund. We have helped thousands of customers in Seattle and nationwide. Our mobility consultants are available to our customers in the Seattle, Washington area, including cities like Tacoma, Bellevue, Everett, Lynnwood, Sumner, and Woodinville, WA area, during normal business hours Monday through Friday, EST at 800-775-VANS (8267) to discuss how an AMS wheelchair van can be the key to your mobility freedom.