Driving Aids for Wheelchair Vans

Driving aids for drivers with a disability assist with mobility needs in order to safely utilize a wheelchair van, an accessible vehicle, or even a non-modified vehicle. Find handicap products that help you on the road and keep you safe, and mobility aids that help you get in and out of the car.

Pedal Extensions for Gas and Brake Pedals

Decrease the distance from your foot to the gas or brake pedal with pedal extensions that are custom installed for your height requirements.

Handybar Disability Aid

The Handybar is a handle specifically designed for aiding people with getting in and out of nearly all types of vehicles.

Wagan Tech Wireless Reverse Camera

The back up camera by Wagan Tech offers an extra eye to help maintain safety both inside and outside your handicap van.

Wagan Tech Wireless Rear Back Up Sensors

Installing back up sensors from Wagan Tech is a great option for added safety when driving a wheelchair van. These sensors work with the driver of an accessible van letting them know when a person, vehicle or other object that would be otherwise unseen is in the rear path of the handicap van.

CCI Electric Parking Brake

Designed specifically for both wheelchair drivers and drivers that have trouble with pulling or depressing the parking brake into place, the E Parking Brake is a great alternative. The innovative one-button operation allows drivers in wheelchairs and those with disabilities affecting their upper body strength and manual dexterity to operate the parking brake effectively.

Adapt-Solutions Power Pull

Designed for wheelchair users that enter and exit a mobility van independently, the Power Pull is a electronically controlled cable that attaches to the wheelchair and assists the user going up and down the handicap van ramp.


If you don't find the driving aids or wheelchair van equipment that you need, call our mobility equipment department and we may be able to locate the right product for you.

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