Multi-Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramp by Harmar Mobility

Harmar AR306 $458.00
Harmar AR307 $538.00
Harmar AR308 $688.00
Harmar AR310 $948.00

Harmar Multi-Fold Portable Ramp

Models AR306, AR307, AR308, AR310

The Harmar Mobility Multi-Fold Portable Wheelchair ramp gives users a portable solution for larger elevation changes. Multi-Fold ramps feature width- and length-wise folding for ease of transportation in wheelchair vans, minivans, cars and other accessible vehicles. Patented hinge design also allows for two-piece portability.

The ramps access not only vehicles, but stairs and high landings. The ramp is made with innovative hinges, designed with interlocking brackets to provide smoother operations and reduced pinching points.

AMS Vans offers four different lengths of the multi-fold portable wheelchair ramp: 6-foot, 7-foot, 8- foot and 9-foot.

With its unique surface, the multi-fold portable wheelchair ramp provides improved traction, resists dirt and wear and reduces weight, making Harmar ramps safe and sure-footed for both indoor and outdoor use.

The ramps also come in two sections for easier handling when moving the ramps from one location to another.

Harmar Multi-Fold Ramp Specifications:

Part Number Description Weight
AR306 6' Multi-Fold Ramp 19 lbs each (2 sections)
AR307 7' Multi-Fold Ramp 22 lbs each (2 sections)
AR308 8' Multi-Fold Ramp 25 lbs each (2 sections)
AR310 9' Multi-Fold Ramp 30 lbs each (2 sections)

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