15 Halloween Costumes for Wheelchairs

We scoured the internet and found some amazing examples of wheelchair costumes for Halloween. Yes, it's a bit early, but proper planning and some time makes for an amazing wheelchair costume.

Wheelchair Costume Jousting Knight The Jousting Knight

wheelchair-costume02 John Deere Tractor

wheelchair-costume03 Darth Vader (photo by Kevin Tostado - Tostie14)

wheelchair-costume04 Batman

wheelchair-costume05 Drummer Boy

wheelchair-costume06 Mermaid

wheelchair-costume07 Boba Fett

wheelchair-costume08 Kayak

wheelchair-costume09 Bad to the Bone Biker

wheelchair-costume10 Aladin

wheelchair-costume11 Fred Flintstone

wheelchair-costume13 Steampunk Wheelchair

wheelchair-costume14 Chopper

wheelchair-costume15 Biker

Make Halloween special either for yourself or someone close to you by turning a wheelchair into a fabulous costume. You can never be too old to enjoy dressing up, especially when they look this good. What are you going to be this year?