Zach Anner Wins His ‘OWN’ Wheelchair Travel Show in Oprah Competition


Zach Anner’s competition to be the next reality traveling show on OWN has in fact become reality! “Rollin’ around the World with Zach Anner” will air this summer, and we are looking forward to it.  Zach will be rollin’ around the world meeting new people and going to exciting places, showing people that anything you put your mind to can be achieved. It might not be the smoothest ride, but as long as you are happy in the end, that is the greatest achievement.

Zach, a 26-year-old from Austin Texas, has Cerebral Palsy which is a condition involving your brain and nervous system. There are many different kinds of Cerebral Palsy and Zach says he has the “sexiest of palsies”!  But, don’t define him by his disability. Zach says, “My mom always said when life gives you wheelchair, make lemonade! I don’t know what she meant, but I’m going to take her advice!”  And he is doing just that!

Zach has made a few videos as part of a comedy show called “That’s Awesome” at the University of Texas. Trust us when we say this guy is hilarious and an all around amazing person.  In the pilot he filmed for “Rollin’ around the World with Zach Anner,” he not only shows his audience they can do anything they put their mind to, but he throws in a little history, places to see, and his comical side.

Once Zach had learned about his new travel show on OWN, he tweeted that night “Tonight, we made history. Tomorrow, we’ll make a much sexier future. Onward to Atlantis!”  Zach has one of the best attitudes we have ever seen. Another of our favorite quotes from Zach is “No mountain is too high, and no Atlantis is too underwater or fictional.” This show should open many new doors, and provide for a wet and wild ride. We can’t wait to see his new show!