Celebrity Chris Brown Gets Handicapped Space Parking Tickets Dismissed

Even though parking in handicapped spaces is an ongoing problem for drivers with disabilities and law enforcement alike, it looks like some people who are given parking tickets for taking handicapped spaces without a permit can get their tickets dismissed. Celebrity Chris Brown recently got 95 handicapped space parking tickets dismissed in California, according to celebrity news source TMZ. Brown had over $15,000 worth of tickets for parking in the disabled parking spaces outside his condo, but his lawyer got the majority dismissed.

Brown had a total of 117 parking tickets for parking in the handicapped spaces outside his Los Angeles condominium, and sources close to the celebrity say that there was some confusion because these spaces were assigned to his condo. However, this is no excuse for taking parking spaces meant for drivers with disabilities, especially in a residential area.

Brown's attorney got 95 of these tickets dismissed, with 22 tickets for other parking violations still pending. These parking ticket dismissals represent a major reduction in income for the California DMV. The fines for these tickets are said to total around $15,000, but this fine has been seriously reduced due to the dismissals.

Handicapped spaces are attractive to drivers because they are usually larger than other spaces to accommodate wheelchair accessible vans and other vehicles with mobility equipment. Law enforcement officials in California and across the nation take parking violations of handicapped spaces very seriously in most cases because it is important to allow citizens with disabilities access to their homes.

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