Carry-all Bags Displayed on a Wheelchair, a Walker, and a Mobility Scooter

Designer Carry-All Bag Will Complement Your Mobility Device

We’ve all been amazed by the amount of progress and development in the field of mobility devices. The technology has advanced beyond the joystick-driven early electronic models. Electric and self-driven power chairs are almost hot-rod in nature, now, with devices that can tackle difficult terrain thanks to caterpillar tracks, and devices that can now be steered by the breath of the user.

Standard Black Carry All Bag for Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter

One area, however, that still needs development is that of artistic flair and practicality when carrying personal items. Understandably, the development firms that are putting forward these innovative mobility devices are more focused on actual mobility function than the style and utility of carrying items. For those requiring a walker, wheelchair, or another mobility device, it becomes difficult and awkward to bring anything along when going from place to place.

Two Women with Designer Carry-All Bags on their Mobility Scooters

The Metro Silver and Black Reptile-Print Carry-All Bag

A Row of Walkers with Carry-All Bag Designs

A Camouflage Carry-All Attached to the Back of a Wheelchair

Thankfully, there are options out there. Companies like HDS Medallion have brought to market what they call “stylish and practical designer carry-all bags.” These items raise the bar in two primary areas: fashion design and functionality. These products feature striking designs made from high-quality fabrics and are available in an array of eye-catching colors and patterns. The goal is to replace the currently available bags that are plain and often made of harsh, canvas-like fabric, typically in black or grey, which seem to call attention to a disability rather than make an empowering fashion statement.

A Colorful Wheelchair Armrest Carry-All Bag

These terrific totes resemble the designer purses that many women carry, and they’re specially crafted to attach to and work with the mobility devices used by people with disabilities. They range in size from 13″ x 10″ to 15″ x 12″ and their “hook-and-loop” (Velcro) closures are ideal for those who have difficulty using two hands to open and close bags or have difficulty with magnets or zippers.

A Red-Quilted Wheelchair and Walker Carry-All Bag

Deluxe "Down Under" Carry-All Bag

Other companies, such as Monarch, offer attractive quilted bags that are designed to attach to the back of a wheelchair and also feature bright colors and spacious pockets for maximum carry space. Advantage Bag Company features a “Deluxe Down-Under!” wheelchair bag that fastens under the front seat of the wheelchair for easy accessibility while still providing spacious pockets.


The web retailer eBags also sells bags for wheelchairs, walkers and other mobility devices, some of which are designed by high-end manufacturer CaseLogic, best known for their line of computer and tablet attaches. These bags feature multiple spacious pockets and are designed, not only for their ability to carry a lot of items, but for organizing the items they store. Available styles include backpack models, armrest organizers, and walker organizers.

A Woman with a Zebra-Print Carry-All Bag on the Back of Her Wheelchair

With all of the design advancements in mobility devices these days, it’s nice to see that there are several companies out there focused on organizing and carrying one’s belongings in cool, contemporary style. See a few of those designs and how they attach to mobility devices in the video. What do you like best about them?


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