Comedian Zach Anner Has Cerebral Palsy and Works Out for the Fun of It

Man with Cerebral Palsy Shares Funny, Inspiring Workout Videos

More and more it seems that one of the symptoms of cerebral palsy is a heightened sense of humor.

We have done a number of stories recently on people who have faced their disability with grace and humor, helping others to be more comfortable with differences across the spectrum by using their disability as a point of lighthearted humor, showing people that it’s okay to laugh, so long as you laugh with, and not at, other people.

Zach Helps a Friend Train During a Workout Run

Now, another comedian with cerebral palsy has emerged to make us laugh and broaden our awareness and understanding of this ailment. Zach Anner, a comedian originally based out of Austin, Texas, but now living in Los Angeles, entertains in comedy clubs, and you may remember him as a contestant in a controversial Oprah contest a few years ago. As it turns out, his real star power shows in his series of Internet workout videos, which are poignant, uplifting—and hilarious.

Even with Cerebral Palsy, Zach Anner Does Weight-Training Regularly

There’s apparently a reason this man is dedicated to working out. Of challenges, physical and otherwise, he profoundly noted, “Did you know for every mountain you go up—you gotta go down it?!?!”

Anner produces a YouTube series of “Workout Wednesday” videos, and his latest displays him working out in his walker while delivering his trademark stand-up comedy routine. His series is a huge hit on the Web, and he earned more than a million views of the first eleven episodes. His latest video got more than 700,000 views in the first two days it was online. This video, the twelfth in the series, features Anner attempting to walk a twelfth of a mile in his walker during his humorous monologue.

Zach Eats Ice Cream and Drinks Sodas in Between Workouts

His fans have had reason for concern lately, since he doesn’t post as much as he once did—his channel has been quiet for quite a while, but he is now back in a big way. While it has been about three months since Anner has released a Workout Wednesday video, this one represents something of an achievement for Anner—it’s the 100th video to be posted on his YouTube channel, which has been up and running for well over three years, now. Fans will certainly be glad to see him back in action; while his channel was virtually dormant for several months, subscribers had to make do with his 99 previous episodes of shows like Have a Little Faith and Riding Shotgun.

Zach Does Push-Ups with a Friend

Congratulations to Zach for achieving this milestone in his series, and here’s hoping that he continues to release videos—both Workout Wednesday and others—for many years to come, because if there’s one thing that the world desperately needs right now, it’s laughter. If there’s another, it is hope and a broadened awareness of the ties that bind us all together—through our differences. Zach certainly manages to give us both of those.

Here’s Zach’s most recent Workout Wednesday video. Let us know whether his wacky workouts inspire you to join him for Workout Wednesday or simply to laugh! Both are healthy activities—for everyone!


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