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Wheelchair Van Loans for the Disabled

Find handicap van loans and accessibility grants earmarked for people with disabilities to help fund a wheelchair accessible van or a mobility van conversion. Mobility loans for the disabled offer distinct advantages with options such as penalty-free early payoffs, low interest rates and extended loan terms.

Wheelchair Van Loans through AMS Vans

AMS Vans works with a large network of handicap van loan programs to help you finance a wheelchair van. Browse through our wheelchair van loan information below to see which programs work for you.

Administrators of these banks and finance programs understand the need for mobility and have years of experience helping customers obtain the best handicap van loans.

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State-Specific Disability Loan Programs


Alabama Ability Assistance

The National Resource Directory is just one disabilities assistance information source available to Alabama residents. The NRD focuses on connecting Wounded Warriors, service members, veterans, their families and caregivers with those who support them.


AT of Alaska

Assistive Technology of Alaska (ATLA) is a program that helps residents of Alaska purchase the equipment they need to live more independent lives. They offer equipment information and demonstrations at no charge and discuss available funding options.


Increasing Capabilities Access Network (ICAN)

Revolving loan fund and an equipment/technology clearinghouse.


Colorado Disability Funding Committee

Assists Coloradans with disabilities in locating funds to purchase AT devices and services for their specific needs.


Connecticut Tech Art Project Accessible Loans

Loans to help those with disabilities fund wheelchair vehicles that have or need modifications to be handicap accessible.


Delaware Sources of Funding

AT Loans fund programs that help residents with disabilities get vehicle modifications and more.


State of Georgia ADA Financial Assistance

Credit-Able is Georgia's alternative financing program for the disabled, providing low-interest loans through participating credit unions to help Georgians with disabilities receive affordable financing for devices, home, and wheelchair van modifications.


Hawaii AT (HAT)

The HAT Loan Program provides Hawaii residents with low-cost financing at favorable interest rates to acquire devices and services such as converting wheelchair vans.


Idaho AT Project - Wheelchair Vehicle Modifications Only

A consumer-directed program funded by both private and public money that is designed to help Idahoans obtain and use the mobility aids they need to be successful in employment, education, recreation, and in the community.


Illinois AT Low Interest Loan Program

People with disabilities can borrow money at a low interest rate, with extended terms and flexible approval criteria that supplies assistive technology devices, services, and home or vehicle modifications for the disabled.


Indiana AT Act Funding Support

This funding specialist assists with identifying handicap van loans and other Indiana funding resources for people with disabilities.


Iowa Able Foundation

Helps Iowa residents purchase adaptive devices and equipment and make home modifications through its loan programs. The funding also covers vehicle modifications and wheelchair purchases. This statewide, nonprofit program will loan funds to the disabled for any item, piece of equipment, or product that is used to improve an individual's quality of life.


AT for Kansans - Equipment Loan Program

Call to discuss available handicap van loans and other funding options for people with disabilities


Kentucky Disability Resource

This funding program provides low-interest, fixed-rate loans in the range of $500 to $25,000 for people with disabilities.


Louisiana AT Access Network - Financial Loans

An affordable alternative in financing vital needs such as handicap accessible transportation like wheelchair vans. Together with Regions Bank, LATAN provides loans from $500 up to $50,000.


Maine Disability Resources

Assistive Technology (A.T.) is any device, piece of equipment or product that makes it easier for someone with a disability to live more independently and safely, work at a job, learn in school, get about their community or pursue play and leisure.


AT Loan Program

The Maryland Department of Disabilities offers loans for those in need of assistive technology. The Assistive Technology Loan Program helps individuals and families qualify for low-interest loans to buy equipment.


The Massachusetts Assistive Technology Loan Program

The Massachusetts ATLP provides people with disabilities access to low-interest cash loans to purchase handicap vans and vehicle modifications to accommodate a wheelchair.


Michigan Assistive Technology Loan Fund

A loan fund that enables people with disabilities to purchase assistive-technology devices and services, including modifications to their vehicles.


Mobility For Independence

Assists Minnesota residents in the purchase of vehicle modifications. They have granted more than $450,000 to individuals with disabilities since they started in 1990.


AT Loans

Missouri Assistive Technology offers two types of loan programs. They offer a short-term assistive-technology equipment loan program that allows users totrade equipment. They also offer financial assistance for modifications, including vehicle access.


MonTech Funding

The Montana Assistive Technology Program offers loan assistance through Community Bank Missoula. All residents are eligible for the program, and the funds can be used for adaptive equipment, including vehicle modifications.


AT for Independent Living Program

The Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living and RAGE, Inc. provide a service for individuals in the community by making vehicles more accessible.

New Hampshire

AT in NH

Assistive Technology in New Hampshire is a program that increases access to assstive- technology solutions through equipment re-use, explorations, loans and low-cost funding alternatives. A partnership between the Assistive Technology Program in New Hampshire and TD Banknorth provides loans up to $10,000 for assistive technology services and devices.

New Jersey

Disability Rights New Jersey

The Assistive Technology Advocacy Center provides a list of loan programs that can help fund a wheelchair accessible vehicle at low-interest rates.

New Mexico

New Mexico Technology Assistance Loan Program

The New Mexico Technology Assistance Program (NMTAP) operates a loan program for persons with disabilities who need assistive technology.

New York

Equipment Loan Fund for the Disabled

The New York State Office of Children and Family Services provides assistance and loans to help in the purchase of wheelchair vans.

North Carolina

North Carolina Assistive Technology Program

NCATP provides information on potential assistive-technology funding resources for individuals.


Ohio Assistive Technology

The Assistive Technology of Ohio loan resources. 


ABLE Financing Options

The Oklahoma Assistive Technology Program offers financing options for residents. 


Ways to Work

Ways to Work is a national program of Alliance for Children and Families that helps qualified working parents unable to get funds elsewhere to receive loans to purchase a wheelchair vehicle


Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation

This non-profit organization provides low interest loans to purchase assistive-technology devices and services that benefit people with disabilities. AT devices include seat lift chairs, computers, and adapted vehicles.

Rhode Island

AT Access Partnership

The ATAP is a statewide partnership of organizations with an assistive-technology focus. They provide a range of services including training, public awareness, demonstrations and loans.

South Carolina

South Carolina Assistive Technology Loan Program

This program works to provide assistive-technology equipment to those who require it to live, work, learn, and be more independent. They offer resources on device loans, training, and vehicle modifications. The South Carolina Assistive Technology Loan Program offers loan guarantees and interest-rate subsidies to individuals with disabilities and their families to purchase needed equipment, including vehicle modifications.


Tennessee Technology Access Program

The Tennessee Technology Access Program (TTAP) is a statewide program designed to increase acess to, and acquisition of, assistive-technology devices and services.


Texas Technology Access Program

This site provides information on low-cost loan programs.


Utah AT Foundation

The Utah ATF is a non-profit organization that provides low-interest loans through a partnership with Zions Bank to purchase assistive technology. They offer small grants of $250.

Utah AT Program

The mission of the program is get assistive technology into the hands of people with disabilities who desire more independence in all settings. They offer demonstration, equipment loans and finance options.


Assistive Technology Program

We work with individuals of all ages to find accessible solutions that will help with any disability and aging-related needs.


Washington Access Fund

A non-profit organization that promotes access to technology and employment for persons with disabilities. They offer loan services, including assistive-technology loans, telework loans and micro-loans.

Washington AT Financial Assistance Programs

The Washington Assistive Technology Act Program provides information about low-cost or free loan sources.


WisLoan for Modified Vehicles and Assistive Technology

This program offers loans to help people buy assistive technology like modified vehicles. The program is open to all ages, and there are no income requirements. Loan amounts depend on the item being purchased

Wisconsin's AT (Wistech) Program

Provides information about device loans, demonstration, advisory council and other state services.

WisTech Assistive Technology Resource Center

A resource center focused on assistive technology.


Wyoming Technology Access Program

This loan program offers interest buy-down for individuals who purchase assistive technology. They offer extended loan periods (up to 60 months) at little-to-no interest.

Disability loans help people with disabilities fund mobility equipment and handicap vans, providing handicap accessibility for home and transportation. Browse our collection of accessible-van loans, and contact AMS Vans to let us know about loans for the disabled, so others might live independent lives, too.

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