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The Safer Way to Transfer: Wheelchair Vans

The challenges of transferring from a wheelchair into a conventional car

It can be difficult and risky to transfer from a wheelchair or scooter into an inaccessible vehicle, especially for elderly people or people who have limited mobility. It can be stressful and challenging to perform this type of transfer because of the hazards involved, which might include falls and injuries to the wheelchair user or the caregiver. Staying in the wheelchair or scooter is usually needed for the safety and comfort of people who are experiencing limited mobility or declining health. Traditional vehicles, on the other hand, are not made to meet these requirements, which might cause individuals who need it the most to lose their independence and miss out on the day to day needs of family, personal, or professional life.

From personal experience, I wish my grandpa had a wheelchair-accessible van

One instance that comes to mind personally is that of my grandfather, who had a number of underlying health issues that led to arthritis and weight gain. He had to be moved carefully and cautiously into his car, and needed the assistance of numerous capable family members. He rarely left his house and missed numerous family gatherings because there was always a chance that he would fall and harm himself or someone helping him. For many families and individuals who deal with these difficulties on a daily basis, this situation is all too typical. For those who require it most, there is a solution that can increase convenience and safety.

Vans with wheelchair access are much more advantageous and secure than a wheelchair transfer.

Those who must travel in their wheelchair or scooter should find a car that is wheelchair accessible and has a side-entry ramp. This kind of vehicle eliminates the need for risky and painful transfers by allowing the wheelchair user to remain in their chair in either a passenger or driving position. One of the top producers of wheelchair-accessible vans on the market, Vantage Mobility International (VMI), has been known for quality and reliability for more than 35 years. They provide a large selection of wheelchair-accessible vehicles to accommodate the requirements of any person or family. An accessible van is the safer, more practical option that can revolutionize your life for anyone who needs to transfer into normal cars. You'll be able to take advantage of a greater number life's simple pleasures outside of your house thanks to such a convenient way to travel. Consider a wheelchair van from VMI now instead of letting the challenges of transferring into a conventional vehicle keep you from moving forward.

The best way to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle

There are numerous options when it comes to buying a wheelchair vehicle, but not all suppliers are the same. For this reason, AMS Vans is the top dealership to buy a wheelchair van from. Over the course of their more than 20 years in business, AMS Vans has established a reputation for offering customers a fair, honest, and wonderful buying experience. They are aware that purchasing a wheelchair van is a significant commitment, so their sales team is committed to being upfront with you and offering a simple purchasing experience without any unpleasant surprises. The ability of AMS Vans to serve a wide range of clients is one of the factors that sets them apart from the competitors. Even if a consumer is far from one of their stores, they can still serve them. You may order wheelchair vans from AMS Vans in the convenience of your own home, and they will handle the delivery and all the paperwork. A nationwide network of service providers that AMS Vans has also guarantees that you can get servicing and assistance when and if it's required. They will take care of you whether you require routine maintenance, a repair, or an upgrade. This gives you the assurance that no matter where you are in the nation, you will be able to seek assistance when you need it.

A more transparent way to purchase a wheelchair van for caregivers and people who use wheelchairs.

In conclusion, AMS Vans is the ideal place to get a wheelchair van if you're in the market for one. Their nationwide network of service providers assures that you can get service and assistance when and if it's needed, and they have a strong history of offering a fair, transparent, and quality purchasing experience. Contact them right away to learn more about the advantages of owning a wheelchair van instead of transferring unsafely into a traditional car.