Numotion and AMS Vans

Increasing Quality of Life Through Increased Mobility

Numotion partners with AMS Vans to increase awareness of wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) solutions.This partnership brings together experience and expertise of both companies to help individuals with disabilities and their caregivers understandthe full range of mobility products and help them achieve greater independence.

Numotion is the leading provider of Complex RehabTechnology (CRT) in the United States, with more than 130 locations nationwide. Numotion helps thousands of people with individually configured, medically necessary mobility products and services. From manual and powered wheelchairs to disposable medical supplies that serve unique medical and functional needs, Numotion is helping more people live more freely.

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As a convenient, single resource, Numotion provides a widespectrum of mobility needs to our customers, including:

Numotion's Story

Hear from Numotion leaders and customers about the many ways they are helping people with all of their mobility needs. Numotion’s unique set of services distinguish them from others in the CRT industry and helps them drive the mission of improving the lives of people with disabilities.

Meet Marcos and Sandy

There are so many benefits of buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle. AMS Vans in Phoenix had the pleasure of seeing some recently when Marcos and Sandy came to them asking for help with buying a wheelchair accessible van for their son. They were referred to us by Roxy, at the Phoenix Numotion location.

Wheelchair accessible vans don’t just grant independence for wheelchair users; family and friends who help support loved ones get to experience it too. Marcos and his family received their van just intime to take a trip and watch the fireworks on Independence Day. It was a true celebration of INDEPENDENCE for the Monteverde family in their new van!

Happy Customers through AMSVans and Numotion Partnership