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The Most Transparent Way To Buy Wheelchair Vans.

If you're reading this now, it's likely that you're shopping around for your next new conversion. Do you notice anything different about our website? There is a glaring difference between AMS Vans and other local dealers. Transparency. Prices are listed on every van we have in stock. Other dealers will try to get you to "call for price" just to get you on the phone. We want to earn your confidence by not only showing limited information to get you to click or call. Costs, fees, mileage, everything that matters in a vehicle sale, are easy to find on Promotions don't have small print and are easy to understand. Stock numbers are listed for easy reference with your AMS representative. Whatever your location, you can contact us with any form on our site and we are prepared to serve you virtually or in person. Once you complete a form or chat, we'll quickly reach out to serve you.

What are the benefits of buying a new wheelchair van?

The benefits of buying a wheelchair-accessible vehicle in brand new condition are similar to those of other new vehicle purchases vs. a pre-owned vehicle. Wheelchair van owners tend to use their vehicles for a longer time than the average, due to the price and other factors that make the van an intimately personal purchase. For wheelchair users that plan the same, the longer warranties, lower mileage, and latest technology advancements are important factors that make the purchase of new wheelchair vans make more sense, in spite of the higher price.

Wheelchair-accessible vans are jam-packed with technology that enable independent transportation for wheelchair users. The technology evolves over time and new features are introduced that further enhance the vehicle’s ability to provide a truly accessible experience. For example, Vantage Mobility International recently innovated a feature called ParkSmart® that scans the area in front of your ramp when you're away from your van and sounds an audible alarm if someone parks next to you and blocks the ramp. That incredible, patented feature has only been available for 1-2 years so requires a new purchase of an accessible Toyota, Honda, or Chrysler to get. If want to have the latest and greatest tech in your vehicles, a brand new wheelchair van is the way to go.

Another example is the latest Toyota from AMS and VMI which is available in all-wheel drive. This is the first time in history that wheelchair users have had access to the control, safety, and performance that only all-wheel drive can provide. This feature is only available if a brand new VMI or AMS Toyota conversion is purchased. While with a pre-owned purchase you will save money and have lower monthly payments, there is a limitation in the features that will be available.

Brand new wheelchair-accessible vans qualify for lower interest rates and fewer fees since they don't have mileage and are a lower risk to banks. At AMS Vans, we have in-house financing that leverages a wide range of banks so we can offer the lowest wheelchair van rates and a more affordable monthly payment. When you inquire about a vehicle in inventory, our team can discuss available rates and you'll be all set after completing relevant financing documents. This adds a ton of value over what the typical local dealer can do, because of our nationwide coverage and partnerships with banks. Remember, prices and rates will still vary not only based on the market, taking advantage of a promotion during the offer validity period, etc. but on each customer's credit score. Not all applicants can be approved, but we will do our best with whatever credit score you have. We make the rest of the process easy after you're approved through our e-signature capabilities and streamlined registration process.

Types of New Wheelchair Vans

Especially for a first-time wheelchair-accessible vehicle shopper, the number of conversion types to choose from on vans for sale can be confusing! Ramps, entry points, floor space, etc. all change which conversion will be the best option for you or your loved one. The primary options are whether the ramp is rear entry or side entry. Rear entry makes parking easier (you don't need a handicap parking spot) and has a lower price, but you will be sacrificing space compared to side-entry ramps. Generally speaking, unless the price is the main reason for purchasing a rear entry, wheelchair users understandably prefer to be amongst the rest of the passengers in the middle (with side entry vehicles) instead of sitting behind everyone in a rear entry.

Another way to define the conversion type of handicap vans is where the wheelchair ramp is stowed. You will see that there are many wheelchair vans for sale that have either an in-floor ramp or a fold-out ramp. At AMS, we have both in stock at any given time. Specifications and prices will vary, so it's important to choose what will work best for you. Side entry in-floor is the more premium product because it reduces clutter inside of the vehicle, and is wider and stronger. The ramp under the floor also allows ambulatory passengers to enter and exit the vehicle freely. Vantage Mobility International has been building the #1 in-floor side entry conversion for decades and AMS is proud to carry them (local restrictions may apply due to carrying local dealers). Fold-out ramps have a lower price due to the space they take and now allowing ambulatory passengers easy access without deploying the ramp, but is another dependable option.

So, which to choose?

We reviewed the advantages of buying new side entry or rear entry handicap vans. So, which should you go with?

In short, a new vehicle is the best way to go if you like having the latest tech, safety and accessibility benefits. They're complete with the confidence and peace of mind that comes from a longer warranty and low mileage. Financing is less expensive, making affordable monthly payments possible. You don't have to worry about any wear and tear that is a natural part of used vehicles. You may want to own your accessible vehicle for a longer time than an original vehicle so you want what will best stand the test of time.

If the above benefits don't appeal to you and a low price is what's most important, then a higher mileage used conversion may be the best fit. Either way, what's important is that you can access all of the great day-to-day experiences that life has to offer, by having a wheelchair van.

Luckily, we provide both options in stock. Whether you buy a new, used or certified pre-owned conversion, you know you're getting a quality wheelchair van when you purchase from AMS Vans. A lot of dealers have vans for sale, but no other dealer in the country puts as much heart and effort into making your new or pre-owned wheelchair van top-notch quality, easier to purchase with better financing, and less stressful with more transparent prices and the true condition on all vans for sale. On top of all of that, we're both a local dealer and online wheelchair van dealership which makes these products more accessible even if you're in a remote location.

We happily comply with all national and state law by selling vehicles that have been crash tested, have valid titles, and clean Carfax.