Fayetteville, Arkansas Wheelchair Van Delivery Information

Delivery Fees To Fayetteville, AR

Drive & Fly $886.33 - $886.33
Truck & Trailer $942.54 - $942.54
Pickup Discount $180.00 - $180.00

AMS Vans makes buying wheelchair vans online with home delivery to Fayetteville, Arkansas secure and easy! When you purchase a handicap van through our Buy-from-Home opportunity, you remain at home handling your day-to-day obligations and work with a mobility consultant via the phone and Internet. Once the process is complete, we will bring your handicap van direct to you in the Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville, or Rogers, Arkansas area with our convenient delivery service. In a short time, you will be on the road experiencing the versatility of one of AMS Vans' new or used wheelchair vans.

Once you pick one of our handicap vans for sale to purchase, it can be delivered one of several ways:

  • Drive and Fly Have a mobility professional personally drive your wheelchair van to you in Fayetteville, AR, and then, fly back home.
  • Truck and Trailer Preserve the mileage on your handicap van and opt to have it hauled by trailer rather than driven. Our mobility professional will put your van on a trailer hooked up to a truck and drive it to anywhere in the Fayetteville, AR area you wish.
  • Pickup Discount Customers are always welcome to come to our office in Atlanta, GA to pick up their handicap vans and drive them home personally. Atlanta is accessible by air, rail, and bus, so travel is convenient. Our beautiful city features tons of attractions for you to explore in your wheelchair van before driving home, making a great excuse for a vacation! Customers from the Fayetteville, Arkansas area who drive home their handicap vans receive a pick-up discount off of the purchase price in most cases.

As part of our "White Glove Service", our mobility professional will spend some time with you when we deliver your handicap van. We will demonstrate all the factory and accessible equipment, explain important maintenance and safety guidelines, and answer all your questions. We want to be sure you are absolutely confident operating your wheelchair van alone before we leave.

At the time of delivery, we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with your wheelchair van, or we will cancel the sale! If you feel like your handicap van wasn't accurately represented to you during the sale or on our website for any reason at all, tell the mobility professional at the time of delivery. Without aggressive sales pitches, we will return the van to our office, void the sale, and process your refund. If you like, we will also meet you at any mechanic in the Fayetteville, AR area and wait with you while an inspection is completed.

We don't stop saving you money with the sale of your new or used wheelchair van! With our Customer Referral Program, you can receive a cash bonus for anyone you refer to us who buys a wheelchair van and mentions your name during the purchase process. Our incomparable customer care speaks for itself, but we invite you to read some of the hundreds of customer testimonials on our website.

Give us a call at 800-775-VANS to speak with one of our expert mobility consultants. We will work with you to know exactly what you are looking for in a wheelchair van and which of our wheelchair van conversions would suit you the best. Taking your criteria, we will find several handicap vans from our inventory to suggest to you. Once you pick your favorite, we will guide you through the rest of our secure and easy sales process. You've probably already seen a handicap van in Fayetteville, Arkansas that was delivered by AMS Vans, and we look forward to the opportunity to return to the area with one for you in tow!