Handicap Minivans for Mobility Freedom and Independence

Silver Dodge AMS Van

Are you a wheelchair user? Does your mobility end when your arms give out or your power chair battery runs out of juice? It shouldn't—and it doesn't have to. There's a new or used wheelchair accessible vehicle out there to suit your disability, your personality, and your lifestyle. Drive or enjoy the ride. When you shop for handicap vehicles that can improve the quality of your life, keep the affordable, well-received wheelchair accessible minivan in mind!

Handicap Minivan

Not surprisingly, the handicap minivan is the most popular vehicle for wheelchair accessible conversion. This compact, practical vehicle lends itself perfectly to modification that creates access for the driver or passenger with a disability. Why do most people with disabilities prefer a handicap minivan?

  • Size: Unlike a full-size van, a versatile minivan is easier to park, and it provides more than enough headroom to enter, exit and ride in the van. The roomy interior can accommodate the wheelchair user and other passengers. A minivan with a long-channel conversion can transport two wheelchair users and additional passengers comfortably.

  • Automatic sliding back doors: The back doors glide of a handicap minivan open at the touch of a button, which is especially convenient if the wheelchair user is also the driver.

  • Climate control/audio: In newer handicap minivans, the passengers in the rear control both their surrounding temperature and audio apart from the front seats. Everyone in the minivan rides comfortably.

  • High safety standards: Minivans, considered family cars, merit the highest safety standards. The top safety ratings are based on front, side- and rear-impact collisions and the ability of the vehicle to tolerate an accident.

  • Fuel efficiency: When compared to a full-size van or pick-up truck, the minivan is far more fuel-efficient, with an average of about 20 miles per gallon—a boon in today’s world of high gas prices!

  • Styling: Minivans have come a long way from the “box on wheels” design of the past. Many vehicle manufacturers, like Dodge, Honda, Volkswagen, and Chrysler now design their minivans to be as pretty as they are practical.

AMS Vans is the premier online source for handicap minivans with nationwide handicap van sales and rentals. Browse our entire line of accessible minivans online for new wheelchair minivans, used wheelchair minivans, and our search mobility classifieds.

All you have to do is take a right turn on the cyber superhighway or into a handicap vehicle dealer to find affordable wings for your wheels!