Mobility Equipment for Vehicles and Handicap Vans

Mobility equipment can cover a wide range of products for handicap vans, wheelchair accessible vehicles, and even cars and trucks that have not been modified for accessibility. Mobility products for handicapped accessible vans include hand controls, gas/brake pedal extensions, portable wheelchair ramps, and more as accessible technology brings the future into reality. Here are some helpful articles that explain the different mobility equipment options and more.

Having a medical condition or disability does not necessarily mean you can't or won't be allowed to drive. Most states subject people with disabilities to a standard battery of tests, so when they pass these certifications they're allowed to drive.

Disability and mobility aids include a wide range of assistive technology designed to address specific areas of immobility resulting from an injury or a disability.

Multiple extensions are available for adding to hand controls to customize the vehicle to your needs.

Find foot controls and guards for brakes/accelerators to help make your vehicle accessible.

Frequently asked questions about Hand Controls for drivers with disabilities.

Steering controls attach to the steering wheel, allowing the driver to turn their handicap van with ease. There are many different types of these controls, or hand controls, that are able to accommodate drivers with disabilities.

Should you buy a Wheelchair Lift or a Ramp for your handicap van? In today's accessible world, there are many options when deciding how you will get around town. It's important to invest in the right wheelchair lift or ramp for your needs and desires for both now and in the future.