Handicap Vans and Home Healthcare Companies

What would we do without private-duty nurses and home care companies? These skilled individuals are dedicated to helping people with disabilities and debilitating illnesses remain in their own homes, offering services that range from nursing and medical care to paying bills and transportation.

Let's talk about transportation. If you're an independent private-duty nurse or considering the start-up of a home care company, a handicap accessible van just might provide your biggest return on investment. Why? Let's look at a few reasons:

In--and Out!

Though they may require home care to remain in their homes, many home care clients would appreciate the opportunity to get out once in a while for fresh air and a change of scenery. Granted, if they have a wheelchair, you can take them for a walk, but a senior in wheelchairwheelchair accessible van provides some freedom for both the client and the private caretaker. Along with at-hand transportation to and from doctor's visits, a handicap accessible van provides clients the chance to accompany you as you run errands, shop, and handle other daily tasks that require travel.

A private-duty nurse equipped with a commercial wheelchair van might be more beneficial to someone whose illness or disability keeps them home-bound for significant periods of time. It even makes sense for private-duty home care companies to keep a fleet, however small, of adapted vans that can be used by its healthcare personnel. For people in wheelchairs, the handicap van is an easy, safe way to travel. Wouldn't you want to know your loved ones are cared for by a professional with the means to provide them with stimulating time away from home more than occasionally?

24/7 Advertising Opportunity

wheelchair van on road

Imagine a rolling advertisement for your home care business. When you're out and about, people will notice you. When they observe you helping a client enter or exit the van using specialized mobility equipment, and they see your company information on the van, they know there's a local individual or company that provides home care with transportation at the ready for everyday use and emergencies.

Cost-Effective Conveyance

The idea of having an accessible van at one's disposal is extremely compelling to anyone who uses a wheelchair. No worries if it's not a brand-new model--as long as it has a ramp, wheelchair docking or tie-downs, and enough room for a person in a wheelchair to ride comfortably. Mobility independence trumps style every time, although take a look at the used handicap vans for sale online at AMSVans.com... You'll be amazed at how stylishly yet inexpensively you can offer a tremendous value-added service to clients!

When you're ready to take your home care business to a new level, AMS Vans is ready to help!