Adaptive Driving Steering Controls

Adaptive driving steering controls attach to the steering wheel, allowing the driver to turn the new or used handicap van with ease. There are many different types of steering controls to accommodate the many different mobility needs of drivers with disabilities, such as those with limited tensor control, those who need wrist support, those who are unable to grip, and even amputees with prosthetic hooks. AMS Vans will install the steering controls best matched to the driver's requirements.

Additional steering wheel options for hand controls:

  1. Horn and/or headlight dimmer can be included in the installation.

  2. Knob and foam grips are interchangeable, depending on your preference.

All adaptive steering controls for our hand control systems are readily detachable for drivers who don't need them. Shop our inventory of wheelchair accessible vans and mobility equipment today!

Steering Control Single Pin Grip in Accessible Van

Single Pin/V Grip
Designed for drivers with some tensor control.

Steering Control Tri Pin Grip in Handicap Minivan

Tri Pin Grip
Designed for drivers with limp or weak wrists. It has three rods, one for grasping and the other two to hold the wrist in place for stability while driving.

Steering Control Spinner Knob Control In Accessible Van

Spinner Knobs
Designed for drivers with grasping or upper extremity disabilities or spinal cord injuries. It is a large knob that can be grasped, pushed, or pulled to control the wheel. Available in black or wood color.

Steering Control Hook Grip Hand Control in Adapted Van

Hook Grip
Designed for drivers using a prosthetic hook. The device has a large ring where one finger goes inside and the other outside, securing the driver to the steering wheel for smooth handling.

Steering Control Palm Grip Hand Controls in Accessible Van

Palm Grip
Designed for persons who need flat hand position to drive. Resembles the shape of a sponge, and the driver steers by sliding hand and fingers through the top and laying it flat.

Steering Control Counter Balance Hand Control in Modified Vehicle

Counter Balance
Offsets the weight of steering control devices.