AMS Legend Side Entry Handicap Van Conversion

Conversions starting at $17,980

The AMS Legend side entry handicap wheelchair van conversion offers spacious side entry accessibility up a powered ramp operated by remote control or controls at the door. From there, the wheelchair user can transition to the passenger seat or, if the user has a functional disability and is able to drive, to the driver's seat, or simply park their wheelchair in the center of the minivan's cabin. With the Legend conversion, the front passenger seat is removable so the wheelchair user can ride in that position, and the removable seat also makes it possible to transport two wheelchair users, depending on the size of the wheelchairs.

The new 10" lowered floor features secure points for the Q'Straint M-Series wheelchair tie-downs, provided by AMS Vans free with your van purchase. The tie-downs are only a small part of our overall attention to safety.

For the Legend conversion, AMS refuses to alter the frame of the minivan, because it compromises the van's rigidity and compression points designed by the original vehicle engineers. Some competitors slice a minivan's rocker panel boxes and B Pillar in their handicap van conversions, but AMS recognizes the substantial protection value of these OEM frame components. The rocker panel boxes are integral steel panels designed to support and distribute the weight of the van, as well as to withstand side impacts. Similarly, the B Pillar provides manufacturer-tested structural integrity to the driver's side door, along with extra wheelchair security. All late model Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Grand Caravan, Honda Odyssey, and Volkswagen Routan minivans receiving the AMS Legend side entry handicap van conversion undergo a 125-point inspection before, during, and after the modifications.

With our hard-to-beat 100% satisfaction guarantee upon delivery, warranties, personal service, and a roomy conversion floor plan that optimizes space for multiple passengers and/or wheelchairs, the AMS Legend Side Entry Handicap Van Conversion is an outstanding choice for mobility needs.

If you're unsure whether the AMS Legend or another conversion is right for you, take a look at our Rear Entry vs. Side Entry Wheelchair Van Comparison Chart, or call AMS Vans to speak with one of our mobility consultants.

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Removable Front Passenger Seat
Anti-Skid Flooring
Anti-Skid Flooring
Third Row Seating
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Custom Exhaust System
Safety Manual Ramp Override Switch
Complete Undercoating and Rustproofing
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Wheelchair Ramp
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Lowered Floor
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Ramp Remote and Door Controls
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Rear Suspension
Interior Spare Tire Holder and Cover
1 Passenger Seating
Seats 1 passenger in a wheelchair.
Up to 2 Passenger Seating
Seats 2 passengers in a wheelchair.
1 Passenger Seating
Seats 1 passenger in a wheelchair.