Chrysler Handicap Minivan Conversions

Chrysler Vans converted to wheelchair vans by AMS Vans

Chrysler Motors' vehicles have dominated the minivan market since their debut in the mid-1980s. Since then, Americans have consistently chosen Chrysler Motors as their favorite multi-utility vehicle. Chrysler's success with the minivan inspired the American car company to explore new options. In 1990, Chrysler introduced the Town & Country. Originally marketed as a luxury sedan, the Town & Country would pioneer a new class of minivans—the luxury minivan.

Why has Adaptive Mobility Systems chosen to convert the Town & Country? The Chrysler Town & Country is one of the most luxurious minivans on the market. That's why AMS converts 2008-to-current model year vans—they're the cream of the crop in minivan luxury. We think you deserve the very best at an affordable price.

Chrysler converted to AMS Legend

AMS Legend
This side entry handicap van conversion comes standard with a powered ramp.

AMS Legend
Chrysler converted to AMS Edge

AMS Edge
The economical rear entry Edge provides manual ramp access through the back of the minivan.

AMS Edge
Chrysler converted to AMS Edge II

The Edge II is a rear entry accessible minivan conversion, with a long channel to accommodate up to two wheelchair users.


The AMS Chrysler Handicap Van Conversion

The AMS conversion process has no equal in the mobility industry. We create a new 10" lowered floor and power-ramp system, which enables the wheelchair occupant to easily roll into the minivan and park in one of several positions, including the driver's position for many wheelchair users! The result is called a "lowered-floor ramp van."

During the Conversion:

  1. Side door and floor lowered 10"

  2. Rear suspension replaced with computer designed multi-leaf springs for added support

  3. Non-slip power wheelchair ramp installed

  4. New carpet and rubber center flooring installed

  5. Full set of body ground effects painted to match

  6. Wheelchair tie-downs and anchor points included with every modified van

Adaptive Mobility Systems, Inc. stands firmly behind the AMS conversion, backing it with an excellent wheelchair van warranty. You can have your conversion van before you know it - typically in 3-4 weeks! Find used Chryslers with new conversions, have your Chrysler Town & Country modified for wheelchair access by AMS, or consider buying a new Chrysler wheelchair van.

Buy, Sell, Trade Your Van!

Buy, Convert, or Sell Your Van!

New and used Chrysler handicap vans are available nationwide for families and businesses like accessible taxis, nursing homes, medical transport, and more.

Chrysler Wheelchair Vans in Stock
Find Chrysler handicap vans for sale with wheelchair ramps. Choose from accessible minivans with new and used conversions in both side and rear entry models.

Modify a Chrysler Minivan
Convert a new or used Chrysler minivan to be wheelchair accessible in any of the AMS models.

Sell Accessible Chrysler Minivan
Sell your used Chrysler wheelchair van direct to AMS Vans for a great price, quick cash, and free nationwide pick-up.

Sell Un-Modified Chrysler Minivan
AMS Vans buys late-model, used Chrysler minivans for wheelchair van conversions, and we pick them up at your location free of charge!

AMS Information on conversions

Want to Know More?

Learn about the options for delivery, service, warranty information, and funding options on the AMS Chrysler handicap van conversion for your family or business.

AMS Conversion Warranty Info
AMS wheelchair van conversions do not void the original warranties on the unmodified Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Chrysler Mobility Rebates
If you are buying a brand new Chrysler minivan, you may be qualified for saving money on your conversion or additional mobility equipment.

Funding Wheelchair Vans
Financial assistance for wheelchair vans is available from third-party resources through loans, grants, and other funding sources.

Nationwide Delivery
We deliver your vehicle right to your door! Our accessible minivans can be parked at your front door in as little as 24 hours, depending on your location.

Come experience the award-winning Town & Country in our expansive 20,000 sq. ft. showroom or take a virtual tour by visiting our wheelchair vans for sale online. We think you'll fall in love with America's most luxurious minivan! To demonstrate we have your best interests at heart, please take time to read the reviews from hundreds of highly satisfied AMS customers.