Frisco City, Alabama Wheelchair Vans - Buy, Sell, Modify

Buy a Wheelchair Van in Frisco City, Alabama from AMS Vans

AMS is one of the largest manufacturers of handicap accessible vans in the country and backs all newly modified minivans with our low price guarantee.* Side and rear entry handicap vehicles purchased from the AMS Vans inventory can be delivered right to your front door in Frisco City, Alabama or nationwide (delivery fees may apply) and include white glove service where our mobility professional will give you an in depth tutorial of your new mobility van. AMS Vans guarantees 100% satisfaction upon delivery; you have the option to refuse your modified wheelchair van from our inventory if you are anything less than completely happy. AMS brand conversions on new or used handicap vans come with our incredible conversion warranty, nationwide service, and our 24-hour emergency conversion help line.


Convert Your Minivan into an AMS Wheelchair Van in Frisco City, Alabama

AMS will modify a new or used minivan that you buy or already own to be wheelchair accessible in Frisco City, Alabama. If you own a new or used Dodge, Honda, Volkswagen, or Chrysler minivan, AMS can convert your vehicle into our AMS Legend, AMS Edge, or AMS Edge II Long Channel handicap vehicles. Jump seats, Q'Straint electronic wheelchair docking systems, and more are available for installation in your new or used wheelchair accessible van.


Buy New Wheelchair Vans - Frisco City, Alabama (AL)

Buy a modified, new minivan for wheelchair accessibility in Frisco City, Alabama with a wheelchair ramp and lowered conversion floor system from AMS Vans. Simply choose your favorite Honda, Chrysler, Dodge, or Volkswagen minivan for a side or rear entry model where available. Keep more money in the bank with mobility rebates often offered by minivan manufacturers on new vehicle sales.


Research Used Wheelchair Vans for Frisco City, Alabama

AMS offers certified pre-owned handicap vans with new and used conversions from AMS as well as used accessible vehicles from Braun, VMI, Rollx and other handicap accessible van manufacturers in Frisco City, Alabama and across the country. Depreciation is a loss in the value of a vehicle that occurs when you drive it off the lot; buying used minimizes that loss. Save money without sacrificing safety by buying a used wheelchair accessible van with a new conversion and have a minivan backed by an incredible conversion warranty as well as any remaining manufacturer's warranty on the minivan.


Sell Your Handicap Van In Frisco City, Alabama to AMS Vans Direct

Using Kelley Blue Book and several other resources to offer a fair market price quote, AMS Vans has several different options to sell your un-modified or professionally converted minivan to AMS Vans. AMS Vans will buy direct and offers quick cash, great prices, and nationwide pick-up of your used handicap vehicle or un-modified minivan for sale.


Sell Used Wheelchair Vans by All Handicap Van Conversion Companies

Sell your used wheelchair accessible vehicle by Braun, Rollx, VMI, or other wheelchair accessible vehicle manufacturers direct to AMS Vans. Previous customers consistently leave feedback stating a price quote from AMS Vans was much higher than other dealers in Frisco City, Alabama.


Buy Back Program for Used AMS Handicap Vans for Sell or Trade In

AMS Vans accepts used ramp vans from Frisco City, AL and nationwide for trade on new AMS conversion minivans and for cash on AMS brand handicap conversion vans that you no longer need with our Buy Back Program.


AMS Vans Buys Used Minivans without Handicap Conversions

We are always seeking gently used un-modified minivans from Honda, Chrysler, Dodge, or Volkswagen to purchase in a quick direct sale with high payouts. Purchasing used minivans from private sellers and then modifying them with new ramp conversions allows us to sell an AMS mobility van at a significantly lower price.


Buy or Sell a Wheelchair Van in Frisco City, AL through Mobility Classifieds

The AMS Vans online mobility classifieds are a common ground in which buyers and sellers can network to buy and sell accessible vehicles in Frisco City, Alabama and nationwide. Once it is time to sell your used AMS scooter van, list it in our mobility classifieds free for the first month as an AMS Vans customer. Don't let an opportunity for the sale of your used wheelchair accessible vehicle pass you by; have our trained staff handle the sales process from the ad itself and how it's worded to answering inquiries in a timely manner through our mobility consignment option.


AMS Vans is changing the way handicap vans are sold by making it more convenient to shop online and get the lowest prices available while still retaining great service. Research what other handicap accessible van customers think of AMS Vans in Frisco City, Alabama and nationally by reading our handicap van customer testimonials. Share your experience with AMS Vans, and if someone you referred buys their own handicap minivan and mentions your name during the sales process, we'll send you a check for $250! When buying a handicap van through AMS Vans, every dollar is spent on making the best quality product with high safety standards and longevity.


Wheelchair Van Low Price Guarantee