Lifts and Platform Carriers for Wheelchairs, Scooters, and Power Chairs

AMS Vans, Inc. offers several lifts and platform carriers to travel safely with a wheelchair, power chair or mobility scooter. Interior and exterior lift styles vary according to your vehicle type. Installing a lift or platform carrier can benefit those with some ambulatory capabilities, and be an economical, safe choice for storing mobility equipment. We install wheelchair lifts and platform carriers at our Tucker, Georgia wheelchair van dealership, just 10 minutes north of downtown Atlanta.

Harmar Universal Outside Platform Lift Model AL500

The Harmar AL500 universal lift is the most popular outside platform lift of its kind. This premium lift is compatible with most powerchairs.

Harmar 2-Axis Inside Lift Model AL425

Able to lift up to 400 lbs, the Harmar AL425 can be used for the largest powerchairs, scooters, or wheelchairs when traveling.

Harmar 2-Axis Light Inside Lift Model AL225

This value model lift is made for use with lighter power chairs, scooters, and wheelchairs weighing less than 250 lbs.

Harmar Single Axis Light Inside Lift Model AL215

The Harmar AL215 Light Single Axis Interior Powerchair and Scooter lift is capable of lifting 250 lbs. This value option offers a powered lift with a manual rotation with lockout.

Bruno Out-Sider Meridian Lift for Power Chairs and Scooters

The Bruno Out-Sider Meridian Lift is the most rugged, reliable, and versatile exterior power chair or scooter lift for the back of your suv, minivan, full-size van, sedan, CUV, or pick-up truck. This exterior lift is operable with the touch of a button.

Bruno Out-Sider Micro Scooter Lift

The Bruno Outsider Micro Scooter Lift is a light-weight exterior scooter lift for the back of your vehicle. Capable of lifting 145 lbs, operation is easy and can be done with one hand.

Bruno Curb-Sider Lift Models VSL-6000 and VSL-6900

The Bruno Curb-Sider vehicle lift raises and stores your powerchair or scooter (up to 400 lbs.) with the touch of a button. Easily connect the docking device, push a button, and let your Curb-Sider do the heavy lifting for you!

Bruno Joey Platform Vehicle Lift Model VSL-4000HW

Lift and store your powerchair, scooter, or wheelchair up to 350 lbs. into your minivan, full size van, or SUV at the touch of a button.

Bruno Chariot Exterior Platform Lift w/ Wheels, Model ASL-700

Known as a “lift on wheels”, the Chariot is a unique and relatively compact rear attachment for almost any small, mid-size or large car to store your unoccupied scooter, powerchair, or wheelchair.


Installing an interior or exterior wheelchair, scooter and power chair carrier for your vehicle is a safe, economical solution to storing your mobility equipment during travel. Platform carriers and lifts eliminate the possible injuries associated with manually loading mobility equipment into an automobile. AMS Vans, Inc. offers choices in both exterior and interior platform carriers and powered lifts. Our mobility consultants will happily discuss the right platform carrier for both your vehicle and mobility equipment.

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