Rear Entry vs Side Entry Wheelchair Van Conversions

AMS Vans: Edge vs Legend

Side Entry or Rear Entry Handicap Accessible Van?

There are many things to consider when purchasing a wheelchair accessible van. Use this comparison chart to help you decide which mobility vehicle is right for you and your family or business.

AMS offers the "Legend" Side Entry Van, "Edge" Rear Entry Van, and the "EdgeII" Long Channel Rear Entry Van:

AMS Legend Side Entry Handicap Accessible Van Conversion

The AMS Legend van conversion offers wheelchair accessibility on the passenger side of the converted vehicle. A powered folding wheelchair ramp provides a path to and from the spacious entrance and exit. Inside, the front passenger seat is removable to accommodate a wheelchair, a wheelchair user could transfer to a driver's seat easily, and the mid-cabin passenger area can transport a wheelchair as well. The AMS Legend is manufactured with any late-model Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Grand Caravan, Honda Odyssey, or Volkswagen Routan.

AMS Edge Rear Entry Handicap Accessible Van Conversion

The AMS Edge van conversion allows a person in a wheelchair to enter through the back of the minivan. This conversion is manufactured with Volkswagen Routan, Chrysler Town & Country, and Dodge Grand Caravan vehicles.

AMS Long Channel Rear Entry Handicap Accessible Van Conversion

The Edge II Long Channel van conversion offers an extended channel in the back of the van while retaining rear-passenger seating on either side. There is space available for up to two wheelchair users allowing for single or multiple wheelchair transportation.

Rear Entry vs. Side Entry Handicap Vans Comparison Chart

Refer to our Side Entry versus Rear Entry comparison chart below to help determine which conversion van is best for you.

Feature Side Entry Long Rear Entry Rear Entry
Low price guarantee* checkmark checkmark checkmark
10" lowered floor and door conversion checkmark checkmark checkmark
55" ramp with 4" extension instead of kneeling system checkmark checkmark checkmark
Non slip wheelchair ramp checkmark checkmark checkmark
New carpet and rubber flooring checkmark checkmark checkmark
Standard wheelchair tie downs checkmark

Q'Straint wheelchair tie downs
  checkmark checkmark
Full set of custom body ground effects (trim) painted to match the vehicle color checkmark

Rear suspension replacement for added stability checkmark checkmark checkmark
4 - 7 passenger seating (with jump seat)
5 - 7 passenger seating (with jump seat)
5 - 6 passenger seating (with jump seat)
Up to 2 wheelchair user capacity** checkmark checkmark
Easy to use checkmark checkmark checkmark
Wheelchair access to the driver and front passenger seats checkmark
Allows wheelchair user the ability to drive checkmark
Manual ramp checkmark checkmark
Power ramp checkmark checkmark checkmark
Easy parking lot/garage parking checkmark checkmark checkmark
Easy city street parking checkmark checkmark checkmark
Ambulatory passenger seating checkmark
ADA compliant (width + height of door opening)***
checkmark checkmark
125+ Point Inspection checkmark checkmark checkmark
5 year or 50,000 mile floor pan warranty (rust, structural integrity) checkmark checkmark checkmark
3 year or 36,000 mile manual ramp warranty checkmark checkmark checkmark
3 year or 36,000 mile power ramp warranty (all moving parts) checkmark checkmark checkmark
Front door delivery available checkmark checkmark checkmark

* See complete details about our low price guarantee on all newly modified AMS wheelchair vans.
** The Edge II rear entry will accommodate two wheelchairs.
*** All standards are subject to AMS conversions and do not necessarily represent standards on other wheelchair accessible vehicles by other manufacturers.