Handicap Vans in Hawaii— Buy, Sell, or Convert

Hawaiian Shore

Buy a high-quality accessible van at a remarkably affordable price in Hawaii—without ever leaving the islands. It all happens online, starting with our brimming online inventory of adapted vans and vehicles! Browse at your leisure, and call us when you're ready to zero in on the van that best meets your requirements. We'll help you choose the van, guide you through the paperwork, and help you arrange for shipping from our headquarters in Atlanta to Honolulu. Mobility independence is just a phone call away!

When you say "aloha" to one of our mobility consultants, you'll be treated to incomparable customer service that has satisfied customers nationwide (and around the world!) since 1999. Read some of the many testimonials AMS Vans has received over the years. We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Our customers appreciate every aspect of the AMS Vans' experience, including...

Our huge selection of used Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town & Country, Honda Odyssey, and Toyota Sienna minivans with new and used AMS conversions, as well as brand-new handicap vans (by the same minivan manufacturers) with new AMS conversions. We also stock adapted minivans manufactured by other industry leaders like Braun, Rollx, and VMI.

Why an AMS Conversion Is Your Best Choice

For people who use personal accessible transportation in areas where handicap van dealerships are in short supply, the biggest concern is finding a knowledgeable mechanic for routine maintenance pf the conversion and, especially, in an emergency. Most conversion designs are somewhat complex, particularly those with telescoping ramps and kneeling systems, and they require a mechanic with specialized training. AMS side entry and rear entry wheelchair van conversions are specifically designed for simplicity, safety, durability, and ease of use. In the AMS conversion, 20% of the components that are responsible for 80% of the breakdowns in other conversions have been eliminated. How does this benefit our customers in Hawaii?

The simple, straightforward AMS ramp system can be repaired by any mechanic in your area with guidance we can provide them by phone. In fact, even the powered ramp on the AMS Legend side entry model has manual back-up so there's little danger of being stuck inside or outside of the vehicle. Not only does the AMS design help keep repairs to a minimum, routine maintenance is so easy, many customers do it themselves. That simple, straightforward design also makes AMS conversions much less expensive—a welcome benefit when you're on a tight budget!