Harmar 2-Axis Inside Lift Model AL425

Harmar AL425 $2,499.00

Powered Scooter, Power Chair, or Wheelchair Interior Lift

Model AL425

The Harmar Interior Power Chair and Scooter lift is both visually pleasing and highly capable. Able to lift up to 400 lbs., the Harmar 2-axis light inside wheelchair lift can be used for the largest power chairs, scooters, or wheelchairs when traveling. The design of this inside wheelchair lift makes it highly adaptable to different vehicles including minivans, full-size vans, trucks, and SUVs, and its optional wireless remote makes Model AL425 very convenient and easy to use. Price does not include installation.

Harmar AL425 2-Axis Interior Lift Features:

  • Fully-powered lifting and rotation for simple loading

  • Our most popular model, fits most rear-loading applications

  • Only 30” of headroom required

  • Extremely adjustable base and boom

  • Mounts on either side of vehicle

  • Weather resistant

  • Weatherproof remote control

Harmar AL425 2-Axis Inside Lift Specifications:

Operation Power lifting and rotation
Lifting Capacity 400 lbs.
Powered Rotation Yes
Boom Height 30” – 40”
Boom Length 25” – 34”
Boom Pitch 0 – 30”
Rotation Limit Yes
Manual Crank Backup Yes
Warranty 3 years

NOTE: This mobility equipment item must be professionally installed to fit your wheelchair van or vehicle at the AMS Vans, Inc. handicap van dealership location in Atlanta, GA. Due to legal requirements, direct shipping is not available. Price does not include installation.

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