Bruno Joey Platform Vehicle Lift Model VSL-4000HW

Bruno VSL-4000HW $2,999.00

Powered Scooter or Power Chair Interior Platform Lift

Model VSL-4000HW

Lift and store your unoccupied power chair or scooter (up to 350 lbs.) into your minivan, full-size van, or SUV at the touch of a button. Roll your scooter or power chair onto the platform, hit a button, and the Bruno Joey Platform Vehicle Lift Model VSL-4000HW will raise and store your mobility device automatically. Secure your power chair or scooter with safety belts for extra security during transport. And since no special modifications must be made to your vehicle, the lift itself can be conveniently moved from one automobile to another. Also, an optional barrier system is available for increased safety and convenience. Price does not include installation.

Bruno Joey Lift Features:

  • Fully powered scooter or power chair lift

  • Textured finish with a gentle slope

  • Forward or backward loading

  • Re-installation available for subsequent vehicles

  • No structural modifications for your vehicle–easily removable

  • Optional barrier system for safe and convenient securement of your power chair or scooter even without retractable belts

  • Safe and reliable–lasts beyond the typical life cycle in all tests for industry standard

  • Custom vehicle-specific installation mounting kits are available for ultra-clean and precise installation

Bruno Joey Lift Specifications:

Lifting capacity 350 lbs
Powered operation Yes
Hand-held pendant control Yes
Single-switch operation Yes
Obstruction sending Yes
Powered by vehicle battery Yes
Emergency back-up Yes
Crash-tested Yes
Can reinstall in another vehicle Yes
Warranty 3 years

NOTE: This mobility equipment item must be professionally installed to fit your wheelchair van or vehicle at the AMS Vans, Inc. handicap van dealership location in Atlanta, GA. Due to legal requirements, direct shipping is not available. Price does not include installation.

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