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Wagan Tech Wireless Reverse Camera

Model: Wagan Tech 2457 Reverse Camera

Price: $750.00

Model 2457 This back-up camera by Wagan Tech offers an extra eye for added safety during operation of a handicap van. The Wagan Tech Wireless Reverse Camera not only provides visual assistance, but also an audible alarm that alerts the driver to any obstructions in the vehicle's rear path. You can either permanently install this wireless reverse camera into your fuse box, or temporarily plug it into your 12 Volt auxiliary plug. We can install the back-up camera during a wheelchair van conversion or as a stand-alone upgrade. Price does not include installation.

Reverse Camera Features

  • Back up with both visual and audible assistance

  • Assistance with driver blind spots and parking in tight spaces

  • TFT LCD color display with clear view screen of 2 ½”

  • 2.4 GHz high-frequency rear camera

  • Wireless connect from the rear camera to display screen

  • 110-degree field of view camera

  • Display gives 307,200 pixel picture with 330 lines of horizontal resolution

  • 99 levels of brightness and contract adjustment monitor for customized viewing

  • Compatible with all cars, trucks, and vans

  • Unit runs on 12v lighter plug or wire harness that connects to the existing fuse box, no extra power needed.

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