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EZ Lock Wheelchair Dock for Handicap Vans

Model: EZ Lock

Price: $970.00 (Installed after tax is $1,602.20)

The EZ Lock wheelchair docking system keeps the same goals in mind as the AMS Vans handicap van conversion: to be safe, simple and strong. The EZ Lock securement system locks a wheelchair in place, allowing a person to drive or ride in a wheelchair. To securely lock the wheelchair to the floor of the vehicle, simply drive it into the docking base. The base’s design helps guide the chair into position with minimal difficulty. After positioning and locking the wheelchair, state-of-the-art electronics monitor the base's status. In addition to the EZ Lock docking system, the OEM factory-mounted seat belts can still be utilized to provide the wheelchair occupant with an even greater level of safety. Price does not include installation.

The Technology Behind the Electric Securement System

The design simplicity of the EZ Lock system hides the sophisticated technology, which improves the user experience of locking wheelchairs securely in a handicap van. The EZ Lock docking base mounts to the vehicle floor and helps guide your wheelchair into place until it locks. The EZ Lock wheelchair securement system’s state-of-the-art electronics incorporate a safety- measuring device that constantly monitors the status of your wheelchair during your trip. A user-friendly control panel displays the system status, providing lighted soft-touch switches for control functions. The technology in the docking system provides various safety measures to protect you upon locking into the docking base and starting your vehicle. Once you lock in and start the ignition, the system's error-proof design will not release your wheelchair until you turn off the vehicle. It even alerts you, when starting the vehicle, if you are not properly locked in. Once you reach your destination, the simple press of a button electronically releases your wheelchair from the docking base. In the case of an emergency, EZ Lock also provides a manual release. No other securement system provides the enhanced freedom of mobility or level of independence than the EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System.

The Safety in EZ Lock System

EZ Lock has operated for over 20 years and, as such, their product incorporates more than twenty years of research. Easy Lock developed this system to the highest standards, having repeatedly tested it to SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) safety standards, ensuring that it's the safest product for wheelchair securement. The EZ Lock's heavy duty construction, designed with quality materials and careful craftsmanship, provides the best and sturdiest wheelchair securement system available. The EZ Lock system has undergone crash-testing by independent testing facilities to the 30mph/20G standard, in addition to AMS Vans’ ongoing, in-house testing on all mobility equipment. EZ Lock’s commitment to excellence has made their docking system America’s #1 choice for wheelchair docking safety. The wheelchair securement system consists of the EZ Lock base and a wheelchair bracket, which AMS Vans will install in your vehicle. Our custom installation can take four to eight hours and requires the customer, the wheelchair and the handicap van for proper measurement. EZ Lock only works with certain company-approved wheelchairs--not all wheelchairs will qualify. Check the EZ Lock Wheelchair compatibility chart to see which wheelchairs can match up. Because of AMS Vans’ commitment to safety, you may need to call our agents to find out if your wheelchair is compatible with EZ Lock in our handicap vans.

EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System

Since 1986, EZ Lock has provided the automatic docking base that allows users to easily lock their wheelchair into place without external assistance. If you want to drive your handicap van or sit on the passenger side while in your wheelchair, EZ Lock makes the system quick and easy. With the floor-mounted docking system, there is no worrying with straps or buckles. Simply lock in and drive! For more details, speak to a mobility consultant at 800-775-8267.

NOTE: This mobility equipment item must be professionally installed to fit your wheelchair van or vehicle at the AMS Vans LLC. handicap van dealership location in Atlanta, GA. Due to legal requirements, direct shipping is not available. Price does not include installation.

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