Bruno Valet Signature Seating Turning Automotive Seating

The Bruno "Valet Signature Seating" series of Turning Automotive Seating gives wheelchair users many options for vehicle entry and exit assistance. From a driver's or passenger's chair that turns out into the opening of the door to other seating that swivels and lifts the user up and into the vehicle, Bruno's "Valet Signature Seating" makes exterior wheelchair transfers easy.

Bruno Valet LV (Turnout Chair)

The Bruno Valet LV Turnout Chair provides easy access to vehicles that are lower to the ground. The seat rotates out over the doorsill, bridging the gap for a safe transfer. Once the seat is occupied, it moves back to the original interior position for travel.

Bruno Valet

The Bruno Valet is the base rotating chair offered in the Bruno Turning Automotive Seating series. The Valet turns, comes out of the vehicle, and lowers toward the ground. This powered turning seat offers different weight capacities to provide the perfect chair for your higher truck, van, minivan, SUV, or CUV.


AMS Vans, Inc. installs the Bruno "Valet Signature Seating" selection of Turning Automotive Seating into almost every type of vehicle at our Atlanta, Georgia (GA) wheelchair van dealership. Different Valet models give our wheelchair van owners a wide range of choices to find the perfect fit for your needs. If you have any questions, mobility professionals are available to assist you in choosing the perfect turning automotive seating for your family or business.

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