How Does Weight Affect Wheelchair Van Performance?

Discover the simple formula for choosing the right wheelchair-accessible van for your needs

Selecting the right handicap van for your particular lifestyle begins with a comfortable fit. It’s important that your wheelchair van is capable of accommodating your mobility equipment — not only for effortless entering and exiting, but for an enjoyable ride, as well. That being said, knowing the simple formula for support is the first step.

Consider Your Weight Plus Your Wheelchair Weight

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that the ramps on wheelchair vans must support a 600-pound minimum total weight limit — including the individual, the wheelchair, and any accompanying accessories (think oxygen tank or portable respirator).

Because wheelchair-accessible vans are not one-size-fits-all, you’ll find a variety of makes and models that exceed the ADA requirements. For example, the AMS Van brand conversion can safely support a total weight of 800 pounds.

However, if the wheelchair and accessories weigh 500 pounds, the user must weigh 300 pounds or less to ensure proper support. In this situation, those shopping for used wheelchair vans for sale would do better to pass on the mini-van conversions and opt for a new or used full-size van.

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