Wheelchair Van Service, Maintenance & Repair

Emergency 24-Hour Warranty Hotline

Customer Toll-Free Emergency Conversion Help Line

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

(800) 775-8267

Emergency 24-Hour Service & Warranty Hotline

Customer Toll-Free Emergency Conversion Help Line Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 888-860-2473

warranty@amsvans.com (non-emergency communication only

What is our nationwide wheelchair van service?

When you trust us to perform a conversion on your wheelchair accessible van, we add an extra layer of protection in the form of a robust warranty to repair your vehicle, backed by AMS Vans. This coverage is in addition to any new or existing vehicle warranty from the original manufacturer already in place.

After checking the original manufacturer paperwork for original warranty coverage duration and details, you should first contact AMS Vans at (888) 860-2473 in the unlikely event that your conversion needs repair within these warranties.

What wheelchair van services means for you?

Our commitment to giving you the very best new or used wheelchair van conversion begins with excellence from the moment we select a pre-owned vehicle for our inventory. Our exclusive certification process — built on a 134-point inspection conducted before, during, and after the conversion — is your assurance that you’re investing your time and money into a quality, reliable vehicle from the company that truly values your mobility freedom.

Our nationwide wheelchair van services program gives you options

Buying a new or used wheelchair van conversion from AMS Vans isn’t the end of a process — but rather, the beginning of a meaningful relationship. And when it comes to servicing your vehicle, we give you options to fit your lifestyle.

For our local customers situated near Atlanta, Houston and Phoenix, we offer a team of experienced, certified mechanics operating in our high-tech service facilities performing every conceivable adjustment — from system repairs to installations and more.

For those customers who buy online from our 24/7/365 virtual showroom, we have the ability to coordinate every aspect of your wheelchair accessible van’s conversion warranty service process. That means calling a certified mechanic in your area on your behalf, setting up a convenient appointment time, and even handling payment for services, if necessary.

IMPORTANT! AMS Vans will determine if the problem is a manufacturer issue or conversion issue. You must call us first for assistance before we will cover any charges related to a service appointment that you initiate.

***Warranty varies based on the condition of the vehicle chassis and conversion and/or if extended warranty was selected at time of purchase.