Jump Seat History and Function

Jump seats go back a long way. In fact, the term originated right here in the US around 1860 when carriage makers invented the movable carriage seat. That versatile innovation has come a long way since then.

On your last airline flight, you probably noticed flight attendants use jump seats during take-off and landing. Widely used in aviation as seating for individuals--besides normal passengers--who aren't involved in operating the aircraft, this auxiliary seat is attached to the cabin wall, has seat restraints, and it's quite comfortable for even long, overseas journeys.

Flight attendants unfold the seats for take-offs, landings, and at times during the flight when they're not serving or assisting passengers. When the seat folds up and out of the way, there's more room to move around the cabin. Not letting a good idea get away, the automotive industry has successfully integrated the jump seat into their designs.

Automobiles, buses, fire trucks, taxi cabs and, of course, wheelchair vans now include jump seating to provide extra seating or extra room, depending on the situation. Most often, jump seats are installed in wheelchair van conversions as value-added equipment at the request of the vehicle owner, and the placement of the jump seat depends on the conversion style--and your needs.

Neat Seats!

These versatile seats are for your passengers who aren't in wheelchairs. Add a jump seat to a wheelchair accessible van for sale you've selected for purchase, or have one installed in your existing adapted van if your family is still growing. Jump seats can be installed in both side entry and rear entry mobility vans, and you can purchase a single or double jump seat, depending upon the cabin configuration and the amount of passenger seating you require.

Jump seats help you maximize the usability of every interior inch of room inside the cabin, so you can bring along everyone and everything you desire on your take-offs and landings!

(update) AMS Vans no longer installs jump seats, please contact us today for further details.