What Makes a Wheelchair Van Certified Used?

How long have "used car" sales been around? Catskill, New York's Empire State Motor Wagon Company--one of America's first used car lots--began selling previously owned, reduced-price vehicles in 1898. Over the years, strategies for selling used vehicles have improved, making used cars a distinctly viable--and greatly appreciated--way to save money on personal transportation.

In earlier decades, consumers viewed used cars as junky and abused, but marketing strategies changed, and dealers began selling "pre-owned" or "pre-driven" cars to create a more engaging perception. It worked. Then, in the late '80s, Mercedes-Benz started selling "certified", pre-owned luxury cars, because consumers had urged car dealers to inspect trade-ins for damage and make repairs before putting them on used-car lots. First thought too costly and time-consuming, dealerships ultimately boosted their used car sales to all-time highs by making their vehicles "certified" used.

But did you know "certified used" programs vary by manufacturer?

There is no government standard for used-car certification. The same is true for pre-owned handicap vans. As you'd expect, used wheelchair accessible vans for sale have been around since just after adapted vans were first manufactured and, typically, each conversion manufacturer develops a certification system for used vans. But they do have industry guidance.

When we obtain an unmodified used minivan for conversion, our vehicle experts administer a 134-point inspection before, during, and after the vehicle is adapted by our wheelchair van conversion manufacturer.

Dings, dents, minor transmission issues, and interior damage on the base vehicle are repaired and, if necessary, repainted--all before a used wheelchair van makes it to our showroom or online inventory pages. The bottom line? Modified vehicles that don't pass inspection are rejected for sale. Period.

In instances where there is an unexpired factory warranty on the base vehicle, the manufacturer's warranty remains in effect, and the newly manufactured side entry or rear entry conversion comes with its own outstanding warranty. Even already-modified used vehicles we accept for resale go through our inspection and repair process before being approved for sale.

The combination of multi-point inspections and requiring certified welders and technicians to perform all modifications, service and repairs, help assure that the "certified" used wheelchair van you purchase is the highest quality possible.