Non-Emergency Medical Transport

For people with disabilities who use wheelchairs or are otherwise incapacitated, transportation to and from appointments or other occasional travel needs can be problematic without a wheelchair van. For those who live in a large city, accessible taxis are typically available with a phone call. In remote areas of any state, however, comfortable, adapted transportation is harder to come by, but it's not impossible.

Almost every large city has at least one non-emergency medical transport company with a fleet of mobility vans capable of transporting a wheelchair user or an individual on a hospital gurney. In Atlanta, Georgia, where AMS Vans is headquartered, there are more than a dozen companies with handicap accessible vans available for non-emergency transport. If your city has a fairly large population and several smaller surrounding towns in a 100-mile radius or even further, you might want to consider launching a non-emergency medical transport company for several reasons.

As the US population ages, the need for wheelchair accessible vans and non-emergency transport will only become greater. Combine that with the fact that many individuals with disabilities who can't afford personal adapted vans live great distances from their doctors and hospitals.

When they need to get to and from a doctor's appointment or the hospital for routine reasons (ex. a non-ambulatory patient from a small town 60 miles north of Atlanta, GA is being released from a hospital in downtown Atlanta and must return home on a gurney), a non-emergency medical transport company is there to assist with a wheelchair/gurney van. Ambulances can be left available for true emergencies. Add the joy you and your team will get from providing a service for individuals and families truly in need, and you're the owner of a thriving, growing, helpful company.

The beauty of starting up a non-emergency med transport business is the ability to start small. Open with two or three accessible vehicles, and you can easily build from there. AMS Vans in Atlanta, GA is a great place to buy a fleet of wheelchair vans specifically designed for transporting wheelchairs and gurneys and passengers who may accompany the individual requiring transport. We're here to help you build a business destined to move in the right direction!